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Gary Lerude is the Technical Editor of Microwave Journal. Previously, he spent his career as a “midwife” aiding the growth of the compound semiconductor industry, from device to application, from defense to commercial. He spent 19 years at Texas Instruments, 11 years at MACOM and six years with TriQuint. Gary holds a bachelor’s in EE, a master’s in systems engineering and an engineers degree (ABD) in EE.

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Skyworks Downplays mmWave Adoption for 5G

January 24, 2020

Skyworks’ CEO doesn’t see mmWave playing a significant role in 5G, at least for the next year.

Liam Griffin said, “A lot of our customers are not looking at it right now,” responding to a question during the company’s earnings call on January 23.

“We talk to our customers and that's where we get our cues,” he said. “It isn't something that we are seeing today.”

Calling mmWave an interesting technology, Griffin said it offers speed and low latency; however, he said it’s expensive, “draws a lot of current” and mmWave propagation has “line of sight impediments.” He said over time, the technology may evolve to become more cost and performance effective.

Based on customer input, Skyworks is not focusing on mmWave product development, although Griffin said Skyworks is making “small incremental bets” on the technology.

“We have our own fab. So we can run some of the technologies that we need to, if that starts to blossom. But at this point, I don't think it's going to be a significant element in 5G, at least for the next year.”

Listen to Griffin’s full response to a question from Harsh Kumar, analyst with Piper Jaffray.

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