EMC Technology's diamond termination offers 300 W power handling to 12 GHz

RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for the CT2010D from EMC Technology. The CT2010D diamond termination offers 300 W CW power handling in a chip size (2.67 x 5.21 mm), SMT package. EMC Diamond RF Resistives® offer high performance in compact packages. EMC’s CVD Diamond terminations surpass BeO and AlN terminations with operation up to 30 GHz.

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EMC Technology introduces CVD diamond heat spreaders

Following the success of the Diamond RF Resistives® product range, EMC Technology now offers CVD Diamond Heat Spreaders designed to meet today’s demanding requirements for higher power and longer life spans by keeping junction temperatures low and stable. CVD Diamond provides up to 8x the thermal conductivity of traditional materials like AlN and BeO.

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A VSWR Meter Using a Power Sensing Termination

A Smartload-based VSWR mater that offers linear power detection over a wide range of power levels and temperatures
PRODUCT FEATURES A VSWR Meter Using a Power Sensing Termination EMC Technology Inc. Cherry Hill, NJ T ransmitted power detection is important in wireless basestation applications in order to insure proper geographical coverage and to meet radiated power regulations. If the power detection is done between the transmitter and...
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