Analog Devices

Over-the-Air Pattern Measurements for a 32-Element Hybrid Beamforming Phased Array

In this paper we summarize measured receive antenna performance for a commercially available 32-element phased array demonstrator. The demonstrator is configured for hybrid beamforming with eight elements per subarray and four digital channels. The test setup and calibration steps are explained sequentially along with the measured calibration accuracy achieved. Three-dimensional radiation patterns of the antenna array are shown for various electronically steered beam positions including amplitude tapering.

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Integrated Hardened DSP on DAC/ADC ICs Improves Wideband Multichannel Systems

Over the past several decades, wireless system channel counts and bandwidths have steadily increased. The driving factors for these modern telecommunication, radar, and instrumentation systems are their data rate and overall system performance requirements. However, these requirements have also increased power envelopes and system complexities, making power density and component level features more important.

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