Articles by Analog Devices Inc.

ADI Enhances RF/IF Signal Chain Performance

Analog Devices Inc. (ADI), a leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, introduced the ADF4350 synthesizer with on-chip voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) and phase-locked loop (PLL), which is the industry’s first fully integrated synthesizer to operate over an exceptionally wide continuous frequency range. ADI also introduced a family of...
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A 2.7 GHz RF/IF Gain and Phase Detector

A new gain/phase detector used to measure the gain ratio and phase difference between two signals
PRODUCT FEATURE A 2.7 GHz RF/IF Gain and Phase Detector Analog Devices Inc. Norwood, MA G ain and phase are fundamental properties of all radio systems. The need to measure these parameters is exemplified through the ubiquitous use of vector analyzers. The AD8302 gain/phase detector integrated circuit was developed...
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A Low Cost DC to 500 MHz Logarithmic Amplifier

A logarithmic amplifier IC that eliminates the need for conversion to baseband, thereby reducing subsystem cost and complexity
A Low Cost DC to 500 MHz Logarithmic Amplifier Analog Devices Inc. Wilmington, MA Logarithmic amplifiers are key components in a wide range of RF system applications. By virtue of its DC to 500 MHz frequency range and 92 dB dynamic range, the model AD8307 logarithmic amplifier can be...
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