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Characterizing Parasitic Components in Power Converters

The increased use of wide bandgap semiconductors like GaN and SiC in power converters enables high-power-density supplies with low switching losses and improved efficiency. Yet, benefits of these fast-switching transistors can be hindered without addressing parasitics at high frequencies. The white paper introduces parasitics, describes their presence in passive components, and demonstrates using the R&S®LCX200 LCR meter.

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Rohde Schwarz

5G NR-V2X for Enhanced Automotive Communications

This white paper provides a technology deep dive into the architecture, protocols and physical layer of 5G NR V2X communications in line with 3GPP Release 16. Download this white paper to learn the details of how NR V2X cooperates and interoperates with legacy V2X communications like LTE-V2X and extends its capabilities.

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Conducted Emissions in DC/DC Converters - Simulation Versus Measurement

Simulation can be a big time-saver when designing EMI filters for DC/DC converters. Power supply control chip vendors offer various filter design tools that provide reasonable design choices for filter simulation before any hardware prototype is available. However, simulated results can differ significantly for different tools if simulated models are not accurate or do not cover all the relevant components.

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