Articles by Exodus Advanced Communications, Las Vegas, Nev.

SSPA AMP Module: AMP1090

Exodus new wideband SSPA Module AMP1090 covers the full 2 to 8 GHz frequency band at 10 W min. and up to 50 W power levels. The AMP1090 uses CW GaN devices and operates from a 32 VDC supply at 3 A max. with gain flatness of 3 dB max peak to peak. This module is suitable for use with all modulation standards and features built-in protection circuits.

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High Frequency, Wide Band SSPA Module: AMP3116

Exodus introduces the high frequency, wide band AMP3116 SSPA module covering the 26 to 32 GHz frequency band at 10 W. The AMP3116 uses GaAsFET Hybrid devices and operates from a 9 VDC supply with a 40 dB gain and a gain flatness of 4.0 dB Max peak to peak. This Module is suitable for use with all single channel modulation standards and features lightweight construction, high reliability and ruggedness.

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Solid State Power Amplifier: AMP1110

Exodus Advanced Communications is pleased to announce the release of a new State of the Art ruggedized solid state power amplifier. Our Best in Class power amplifier AMP1110 a 4 to 8 GHz, 40 W minimum saturated power output module. The AMP1110 is a Class AB linear GaN hybrid design with instantaneous bandwidth. Other features include 4.0 dB peak to peak flatness and 12 A max consumption. 

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Solid Pulsed Power Amplifier: AMP3110P

Exodus Advanced Communications is pleased to announce the release of a Best in Class State of the Art high peak pulse power amplifier. The 1000 W AMP3110P covers the 2700 to 3100 MHz frequency range at duty cycles of up to 10%. Features include a built-in isolator, fast pulse modulator, monitoring and additional protection circuits; this module is highly reliable and rugged. 

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10 W, 32 to 40 GHz, GaAs FET Power Amplifier

Solid-State High Power Module: AMP3060

Exodus Advanced Communications has introduced its latest solid-state high power module, the AMP3060. This linear, GaAs FET hybrid, Class AB design provides 10 W output across 32 to 40 GHz, with a minimum power gain of 40 dB and 4 dB peak-to-peak maximum flatness when driven with a constant maximum input power of 0 dBm. The AMP3060 is suitable for EMI/EMC susceptibility, millimeter wave component testing, electronic warfare, Ka-Band satellite and general communications applications. 

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