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Anokiwave, Ball Aerospace Enable Future of Wireless with Phased Array Antenna Innovator Kits

Active Antenna Innovator Kits: AWMF-0129

Anokiwave, Inc. and Ball Aerospace announced a collaboration on May 9, 2017 that will enable the 5G wireless revolution. The collaboration accelerates mmWave 5G phased array developments with the introduction of a family of commercial, active phased array Innovator Kits. Included are kit offerings like the 64-element, 28 GHz AWMF-0129 enable improved mmWave 5G network efficiency and ease of developing commercial phased array antennas.

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Phased Array Antenna Innovator Kit: AWMF-0129

Anokiwave announced the introduction of the first in a family of Phased Array Antenna Innovator’s Kits, the AWMF-0129, driven by the Anokiwave AWMF-0108 28GHz 5G Quad Core IC with embedded functions for remote telemetry and low-latency steering™. The AWMF-0129 is a 64-element, single polarization 5G phased array antenna designed to cover the 27.5 to 30 GHz frequency band. It is a planar antenna that can be used either as a stand-alone component, or combined and synchronized with other arrays.

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Flexible Multi-Function Silicon ICs

200_200_anokiwave_022817Introducing flexible multi-function silicon ICs for mmW communication and sensing applications.  The ICs are for active arrays intended for SATCOM, RADAR, and TDD/FDD applications.  The devices have switchable outputs and can support half-duplex operation.  The AWMF-0117 operates at 10.5 to 16 GHz and the AWMF-0116 operates at 26 to 30 GHz. 

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Active Antenna ICs

200x200_stdprodAnokiwave offers a family of Active Antenna ICs at X and K/Ka-bands for 5G, commercial RADAR, and SATCOM markets.  Supported with expert systems engineering and optimal technology solutions, our highly integrated Core ICs and System-in-Package solutions provide our customers the fastest-time-to-market. Anokiwave’s patent-pending IP blocks implemented in silicon technology enable low-cost hybrid beam forming. 

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Anokiwave Inc. and JS Commtech Sign S. Korea Representative Agreement

Anokiwave Inc., an innovative company providing highly integrated IC solutions for mmW markets and Active Antenna based solutions, announced that they have signed a representative agreement with JS Commtech in South Korea. The agreement aligns with Anokiwave’s goal to support new customers and opportunities for our highly-integrated Active Antenna Core IC solutions in South Korea.

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