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IEEE Starts Work on New 802.15 Standards

The IEEE has approved the start of work on four projects concerning IEEE 802.15™ wireless personal area network (WPAN) standards. These projects involve a wireless mesh topology standard for WPAN devices and alterations to the high rate WPAN standard so it supports new wireless multimedia uses more effectively. Two...
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The Book End

World Wide Wi-Fi Technological Trends and Business Strategies Teik-Kheong (TK) Tan and Benny Bing Wiley-Interscience 217 pages; $62.95 ISBN: 0-471-46356-6 IEEE 802.11 wireless local area networks (LAN) are becoming ubiquitous and increasingly relied upon. The demand for wireless access to a LAN is fueled by the growth of mobile...
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New Products

Drop-in Replacements This drop-in replacement product family is designed for 50 V MRF150/151 and 28 V MRF141 type VDMOS general-purpose RF products. Demand for these products remains high while the number of suppliers has been reduced by recent industry consolidations. These products are ruggedized to enhance overall performance under...
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Web Update

Ultra-precision Service This company’s Web site offers a complete ultra-precision service for grinding, lapping, polishing, diamond sawing, laser machining and sizing a wide variety of metals (ferrous and non-ferrous). The company also offers carbide, ceramic, sapphire and other materials for industrial and scientific applications in the telecommunications, semiconductor, communications,...
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Harris LMST Hailed as “Communications Pipeline” by US Marines

Highly mobile, multi-band satellite communications (SATCOM) terminals from Harris Corp. are providing US Marine Corps forces deployed around the world with highly reliable satellite-based voice, video, data and Internet connectivity between headquarters operations and the battlefield. The lightweight multi-band satellite terminal (LMST) and other SATCOM solutions from Harris were...
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