Rise Above the Noise with your Marketing

It is always a challenge for companies to get their products noticed in the marketplace as many competitors are also promoting their products and new technologies to engineers. Our inboxes are cluttered with promotional information as are the websites we visit. Companies should always be doing some level of advertising and promotion to maintain their brand presence and promote their products, but how do you get your target audience’s attention for significant new products or capabilities?

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Richardson RFPD Announces IMS 2013 Schedule

Includes Full Slate of Presentations from Leading Innovators and Suppliers of RF, Wireless and Energy Technologies
Richardson RFPD has a full schedule of presentations at the 2013 IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS), to be held in Seattle, Washington, June 2-7, 2013. At its booth #620, Richardson RFPD will host a full slate of 15-minute presentations and Q&A sessions featuring the leading innovators and suppliers of RF, Wireless and Energy technologies. The diverse lineup of presentations covers everything from the latest GaN developments, to military and aerospace applications, and a host of new products from the industry's leading suppliers.
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Future Ad Trends - Bridging the Print and Digital Worlds

An integrated marketing plan that utilizes a combination of print and digital media is typically the best way to accomplish the marketing goals and strategies that a company has developed.  Print ads are well suited to provide branding and promotion of targeted products in an impactful way, while digital products are well suited to provide measurable click throughs and lead generation.  Therefore, a combination of both can accomplish the goals of many marketing campaigns with the balance dependent on the specific goals of the campaign and the demographic being targeted.  Some new technologies using mobile apps are now enabling print and digital media to work together and complement each other as directly connected products.  These two universes can now be connected in several ways (and it does not take a worm hole to do it).
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Aerospace and Defense Upgrading is Big Business

As Defense budgets around the world have been squeezed and with few new platforms in production, A&D companies are looking to upgrade current equipment as a major market opportunity.  These upgrades are friendly to military budgets as they provide improved capabilities at much lower costs than new platforms.  They also provide new capabilities much faster than developing new platforms that take years to design and produce.
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