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Qorvo Fiscal Q2 Revenue Up, Margin Down

Surfing the wave of the iPhone 7 ramp, Qorvo’s Q2 fiscal 2017 revenue jumped 24 percent sequentially and 22 percent above Q2 of fiscal 2016 to $865 million. Revenue was above the company’s guidance range of $820 million to $850 million. However, poor yields on a low band power amplifier duplexer (PAD) for the iPhone 7 hurt margins: GAAP gross margin was 36.6 percent, down from 39.6 percent in Q1 and 40.2 percent in Q2 of fiscal 2016.

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Inphi Acquiring ClariPhy Communications, Adding Coherent DSP to Portfolio

Inphi Corporation has signed a definitive agreement to acquire ClariPhy Communications Inc. for $275 million in cash. ClariPhy provides ultra-high speed digital signal processing (DSP) systems-on-chip (SoC) for multi-terabit data, long haul and metro networks. This DSP capability complements Inphi’s fiber optic components, which will enable Inphi to offer more of the block diagram for optical networks.

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Doodle Labs' Global Certifications for Industrial Wi-Fi Transceivers

Doodle Labs is excited to announce global regulatory approvals of its embedded Industrial Wi-Fi product portfolio. The transceivers have been certified as fully compliant for the US (FCC), Canada (IC) and Europe (ETSI) as DFS Master and Client devices. While Doodle Labs’ technology is known for its flexibility and customizability, these certifications provide customers with a streamlined path to release and deploy standardized, government-approved products.

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Broadcom Improves Wi-Fi Range and Video Streaming

Broadcom Limited announced a 4x4 802.11ac Wave2 solution that improves range performance and video over Wi-Fi. It provides up to 9 dB of receiver sensitivity improvement and zero packet loss and zero host CPU consumption when paired with Broadcom's service provider gateway and router SoC platforms.

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