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GigPeak GX66471

GigPeak Announces Quad, 64 GBd Linear Modulator Driver

GigPeak, Inc. announced a 64 GBd quad-channel linear optical modulator driver for 400G/600G coherent optical networks. The GX66471 will support 16- and 64-QAM, addressing the needs of both 400G and 600G systems. It has a differential input and single-end output, with a 4.5 Vpp output swing for driving lithium niobate Mach-Zehnder modulators.

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Custom MMIC Tech Brief

New Tech Brief: How Phase Noise Affects Radar and Communications Systems

Custom MMIC has published a free technical brief, “Addressing Your Phase Noise Challenges in Radar and Communication Systems,” illuminating key aspects of how phase noise impacts signal quality in radar and communication systems. The tech brief provides insight into product solutions that can be used in radar and communication systems that are phase noise constrained.

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Kymeta mTenna

Kymeta Announces Commercial Release of Ku-Band Metamaterial Antenna and Satellite Data Service

Kymeta has unveiled the commercialized version of the company’s Ku-Band electronically scanned antenna based on metamaterials technology. The mTenna, used with Kymeta’s KyWay terminal, provides a satellite link for mobile platforms or stationary sites that lack terrestrial infrastructure. The company also announced a partnership with Intelsat for a satellite data service using mTenna and KyWay.

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