RF & Microwave Industry News

Around the Circuit

Around the Circuit INDUSTRY NEWS Smiths Industries , London, UK, has acquired lightning-protection and grounding solutions company PolyPhaser Corp. of Minden, NV. PolyPhaser will continue to develop its products under company president John Cole. PolyPhaser joins 35 complementary companies in Smiths Industries’ Industrial Group , including coaxial cable manufacturer...
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New Literature

New Literature Circuit, System and Software Magazine This 24-page Analog Dialogue magazine is a forum for the exchange of information on circuits, systems and software for real-world signal processing. Single- and dual-axis micromachined accelerometers, advanced digital video encoders and voltage regulators for power management are discussed. New products are...
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News From Washington

News From Washington Global C2 System in Place The Defense Information Systems Agency and the Joint Staff have shut down the worldwide military command and control system (WWMCCS) top-secret support system and have declared the global command and control system (GCCS)-T the joint command and control (C2) system of...
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International Report

International Report Horizon EWS Moves Forward The electronic warfare system (EWS) slated for installation aboard the trinational (Italy, France and the UK) Horizon common new-generation frigate (CNGF) has moved a step closer to realisation with the award (by the programme’s Joint Project Office) of a £4.5 M project definition...
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The Commercial Market

The Commercial Market US Electronics Sales Grow Nearly Nine Percent The Electronic Industries Association reports that US factory sales of electronics equipment, components and related products totaled nearly $219 B during the first half of 1997, a nine percent increase over the $200 B earned during the first half...
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The Book End

The Book End Radio System Design for Telecommunications Roger L. Freeman John Wiley & Sons Inc. 887 pages; $94.95 This book provides essential design techniques for radio systems that operate at frequencies of 3 MHz to 100 GHz and are employed in telecommunications. Most of these systems are referred...
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A Battery-operated Microwave Counter with an Innovative Sampler Design

An easy-to-use portable microwave frequency counter with a capability for measurements to 20, 26.5 and 46 GHz
A Battery-operated Microwave Counter with an Innovative Sampler Design Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) Santa Clara, CA The 53150 series microwave counters are easy-to-use instruments that feature all the performance (sensitivity and FM tolerance) and functionality (frequency offset and power measurement) of a laboratory instrument and the durability and ruggedness to...
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A Miniature Patch Antenna for GPS Applications

A dielectric ceramic patch antenna that makes current Global Positioning System (GPS)-based systems and equipment smaller, lighter and less expensive
A Miniature Patch Antenna for GPS Applications Toko America Inc. Mt. Prospect, IL With the number of Global Positioning System (GPS)-related consumer products on the rise, the market is demanding low cost, high functionality components for system designs. The DAK series dielectric patch antenna is a low cost antenna...
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A Conductor-loaded Resonator Filter with a Wide Spurious-free Stop Band

This month's cover features a dual-mode filter with a new configuration that uses different-sized conductor-loaded resonators
A Conductor-loaded Resonator Filter with a Wide Spurious-free Stop Band K&L Microwave Inc. Salisbury, MD The newly opened personal communications service (PCS) market demands a large number of base station filters with extraordinarily strict requirements on both in-band and out-of-band characteristics. High selectivity, high rejection, low loss and extremely...
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High Performance Spectrum Analysis to 26.5 GHz

Digitally synthesized spectrum analyzers providing precision performance and versatility in an easy-to-use instrument
High Performance Spectrum Analysis to 26.5 GHz IFR Systems Inc. Wichita, KS The AN1800 series high performance spectrum analyzers are designed to meet the needs of cellular maintenance, microwave link analysis, radar installation and maintenance, satellite earth station communications and precompliance testing of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The series comprises...
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