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Device and Circuit Approaches for Next-generation Wireless Communications

Emerging approaches for future communication systems, including power amplifiers with increased efficiency, optimized multicarrier CDMA modulation and optimized transistors
Technical Feature Device and Circuit Approaches for Next-generation Wireless Communications P. Asbeck, J. Mink, T. Itoh and G. Haddad Please click here to view the pdf file of the Technical Feature...
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Fiber Optics Enhance Wireless Broadband System Deployment

RF/fiber-optic transmission as the most practical and efficient way to transport broadband wireless signals when factors such as future system upgrades and system maintenance are considered
Fiber Optics Enhance Wireless Broadband System Deployment Henry Wojtunik Anacom Systems Corp. New Brunswick, NJ Wireless broadband systems are a perfect solution to today's multimedia network requirements. Broadband channels provide multiple video channel delivery, high speed Internet access, and voice and computer network extensions, including multichannel multipoint distribution systems...
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Around the Circuit

Around the Circuit INDUSTRY NEWS Bolton, MA-based Atlantic Microwave Corp. , a Chelton company, has acquired Premier Microwave Corp. of Port Chester, NY. The new Atlantic Microwave Premier Products Group provides a 60-year heritage of designing, developing and manufacturing microwave components and subsystems (such as circulators, arc detectors, RF...
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New Literature

New Literature Power Capacitor Assembly Catalog This 12-page catalog describes standard and custom power capacitor assemblies, including ultra-low equivalent series resistance, high Q, high operating voltage, high operating current, extended capacitance and enhanced reliability capabilities. Specifications are included. American Technical Ceramics (ATC), Huntington Station, NY (516) 622-4700. Data Acquisition...
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COMPONENTS Power Capacitor Assemblies These new leaded power capacitor assemblies utilize the company's industry-standard MLC products as building blocks, extending the capacitance, voltage, current and tolerance parameters. The units are fabricated from parallel and series combinations of capacitors. The power capacitor assemblies feature ultra-low equivalent series resistance; high Q,...
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MATERIAL Cyanate Ester Resin The type EX-1515 cyanate ester resin system achieves full cure when processed at a temperature of 250°F and is characterized by its high radiation resistance, low moisture absorption, low dielectric and low loss properties required in many radar and RF transparent applications. Typical dielectric constant...
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SYSTEM 800 MHz Repeater This repeater is now available for analog, CDMA and TDMA 800 MHz systems in two different 800 MHz versions. The first model has an adjustable bandwidth from 0.5 to 16.9 MHz. The second version is adjustable for both the primary and extended A and B...
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PROCESSING EQUIPMENT High Speed, Ultra-precision Semirigid Cable Saw This saw is designed to perform precise cutting of semirigid coax cable. The tool can trim or cut cable to a tolerance of 0.0005" in less than two seconds and without leaving any burr on the cable. A precision slide mechanism...
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