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News From Washington

News From Washington Oceanic Surveillance Radar System Successfully Demonstrated In collaboration with the Canadian Department of National Defence, Raytheon Systems Canada Ltd., a subsidiary of Raytheon Co., has developed and successfully demonstrated the HF SWR-503 long-range, high frequency surface-wave radar. The HF SWR-503 is a shore-based, oceanic surveillance system...
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International Report

International Report INTELSAT to Procure Telecommunications Satellite The International Telecommunications Satellite (INTELSAT) organisation has awarded a contract to Franco-British contractor Matra Marconi Space to build the INTELSAT NI-Alpha telecommunications satellite. Considered the largest and most powerful satellite ever procured by INTELSAT, the NI-Alpha will employ Matra Marconi’s high powered...
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Commercial Market

Commercial Market Globalstar USA Licensed to Offer Satellite Phone Service Globalstar USA, the exclusive provider of satellite-based communications services in the US, has received authorization from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to market satellite phone service on a limited basis to US customers. The Globalstar system is a state-of-the-art...
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The Bookend

The Bookend RF Circuit Design: Theory and Applications Reinhold Ludwig and Pavel Bretchko Prentice Hall 641 pages plus CD-ROM; $97 ISBN:0-13-095323-7 This book is intended to bridge the gap between a highly theoretical text based on electromagnetic (EM) theory and a practical circuit design manual based on Kirchoff’s laws....
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A Miniature 900 MHz Frequency-hopping Spread Spectrum Radio

A minature radio that incorporates proprietary Secure-Sync coding technology as well as networking features typically found only in more expensive systems
A Miniature 900 MHz Frequency-hopping Spread Spectrum Radio World Wireless Communications Inc. (WWC) West Valley City, UT Wireless communications is fast becoming recognized as a flexible and reliable method for data telemetry applications. The technology offers numerous benefits over hard-wired solutions, including lower cost, less environmental impact, system protection...
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Digital Baseband Simulation in Design Verification

A digital baseband radio channel simulator that introduces new possibilities for testing wireless system design in realisitc, dynamic multipath fading environments prior to hardware development
Digital Baseband Simulation in Design Verification Elektrobit Ltd. Oulu, Finland Time to market and time to volume play an essential role in the competitive environment of today’s wireless communication business. One of the most important elements enabling well-managed product launches is systematic design verification in all phases of product...
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A Universal Power Sensor

This month's cover features a universal power sensor that utilizes a patented architecture and allows for highly accurate power measurements on wide bandwidth signals
A Universal Power Sensor Anritsu Co. Morgan Hill, CA Power is a fundamental measurement that has been made by RF engineers since the first days of radio transceivers. The basic theory of accurate power measurements has not changed since that time as thermal absorption and diode rectification remain the...
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A 10 MHz to 1 GHz Spectrum Analyzer Adapter

A unique device that connects to a dual-channel oscilloscope and converts it into a 1 GHz spectrum analyzer with all of the functions needed power measurements
A 10 MHz to 1 GHz Spectrum Analyzer Adapter Protek Inc. Northvale, NJ The explosive growth in wireless instruments has made spectrum analyzers an indispensable tool for testing and troubleshooting wireless equipment and systems. Realizing the need for a moderately priced, fully functional spectrum analyzer, the model 7700 10...
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Microwave Quick Connect/Disconnect Coaxial Connectors

Low cost male slotted connectors that are capable of being mated to female connectors and connected/disconnected using a simple push on/pull off motion
Microwave Quick Connect/Disconnect Coaxial Connectors Maury Microwave Corp. Ontario, CA When testing microwave devices it is desirable to have an RF connection that can be made quickly while providing low SWR, high isolation and, most importantly, repeatable measurements. In addition, the connection should be stable and not require external...
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