RF & Microwave Industry News

New Products: Subsystems

Subsystems Ku-band Upconverter The model AS2570 complete upconverter subsystem is designed to be mounted at the antenna of Ku-band satellite uplink terminals for direct transmission of low rate data. The components that normally would make up the rack-mounted unit have been integrated into one package using the waveguide bandpass...
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New Products: Software

  Software Automated Test Software The model CATS-98A CDMA automated test software is designed for total testing of mobile receivers and transmitters as specified in IS-98A. The software integrates the company's WIS-98A wireless impairment system and a base station simulator. The software also simplifies complex mobile telephone tests, including...
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News From Washington

News From Washington Army Seeks Projectile Tracking System As reported in Commerce Business Daily, a market survey is being conducted by the US Army TACOM-ARDEC procurement network for a projectile tracking system. The survey requests descriptions of tracking equipment and data that supports the projectile tracking capability using interferometric...
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International Report

International Report Philips Develops Ultra-fast OTP Memory Process for Microcontrollers Philips Research has developed an ultra-fast one-time programmable (OTP) memory that, when applied to sister company Philips Semiconductors’ 8-bit model 80C51 and 16-bit model XA microcontrollers, allows the creation of electronically programmable read-only memory results in less than 60...
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The Commercial Market

The Commercial Market Next-generation TDMA/CDMA Wireless Standard Development is Underway Motorola has announced plans to work with Siemens AG and four other Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) manufacturers to develop a next-generation wireless standard for Europe that combines elements of both code-division multiple access (CDMA) and time-division multiple...
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The Book End

The Book End Understanding Digital Signal Processing Richard G. Lyons Addison-Wesley Publishing Co. 517 pages; $55.90 Digital signal processing (DSP) provides the basis for most modern signal analysis and communications. This book breaks down the DSP mystery and provides easy-to-follow explanations and illustrations to help the reader understand the...
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A High Power, Broadband, Ka-band Extended Interaction Klystron

A Ka-band klystron designed to cover a wide range of uplink applications, providing up to 1000 W of CW power
A High Power, Broadband, Ka-band Extended Interaction Klystron Communications & Power Industries Canada Inc. (CPI) Georgetown, Ontario, Canada Today’s emerging Ka-band satellite communications (SATCOM) systems are designed to support the enormous commercial telecommunications market. These SATCOM systems require high power amplifiers for their earth terminals. The mm-wave amplifiers must...
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FETs that Address the Linearity Challenge

Laterally diffused metal-oxide semiconductor FETs designed for use in base station applications are featured on this month's cover
FETs that Address the Linearity Challenge Ericsson Components, RF Power Products Morgan Hill, CA The volume of cellular base station traffic in today’s market is skyrocketing. This increasing traffic can be handled only by improving the linearity of the RF power amplifiers, which are the nucleus of these base...
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Editorial Index

An informative reference guide to the 1997 issues of Microwave Journal that organizes articles by subject and lists them alphabetically by author
Editorial Index COVERS Anritsu Wiltron Co. "A High Speed Radio Communications Analyzer," No. 4, p. 130. ATN Microwave Inc. "True Multiport S-parameter Measurements," No. 10, p. 140. Ericsson Components, RF Power Products "FETs that Address the Linearity Challenge," No. 12, p. 102. Hewlett-Packard Co. "An IC Characterization and Analysis...
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An MCM BGA Platform for Commercial Systems Applications

The implementation of multichip module (MCM) ball grid array (BGA) packaging as a low cost platform for use in commercial systems applications
An MCM BGA Platform for Commercial Systems Applications This article describes the implementation of ball grid array (BGA) packaging as a low cost platform for use in commercial systems applications. The BGA platform is an efficient technique used for interconnecting semiconductor die to a substrate. The platform distributes RF...
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