RF & Microwave Industry News

News From Washington

News From Washington Proposals Solicited for UCAV Feasibility Demonstration A joint solicitation from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and US Air Force seeks proposals for an advanced technology demonstration (ATD) program that would demonstrate the feasibility of an unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) system capable of carrying out...
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International Report

International Report Africa Launches Its First Direct TV Broadcast Satellite Africa’s first direct television broadcast satellite was launched successfully in April from Kourou, French Guiana aboard the Ariane 4 rocket V108. Constructed for Egypt’s NILESAT company, the new 1840 kg NILESAT 101 spacecraft, which was developed by Matra Marconi...
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Commercial Market

Commercial Market Live In-flight Television Available to Corporate Jet Passengers Airshow TV, a product of Airshow Inc., has been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to provide television programming via satellite to in-flight private jet aircraft. Digital television entertainment service provider DIRECTV® has signed an agreement with Airshow to...
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The Book End

The Book End Active and Quasi-optical Arrays for Solid-state Power Combining Robert A. York and Zoya B. Popovic John Wiley & Sons Inc. 526 pages; $89.95 The quasi-optical approach is particularly attractive at millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths. Most of the basic components in microwave receivers and transmitters have been...
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A New Suite of RF/Microwave Design Tools

An RF/microwave design solution constructed using advanced object-oriented programming methods for impressive performance, reliability and ease of use
A New Suite of RF/Microwave Design Tools Applied Wave Research Inc. Redondo Beach, CA Microwave Office is a completely new suite of RF/microwave design tools built from the ground up for operation in Windows® ’95 and NT environments. Included in the suite are the VoltaireXL™ linear and nonlinear circuit...
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Surface-mount NPO Capacitors With Ultra-high Self-resonant Frequencies

Rugged, laser-marked capacitors that utilize a new type of ceramic dielectric and a unique patented construction fro demanding wireless applications
Surface-mount NPO Capacitors With Ultra-high Self-resonant Frequencies American Technical Ceramics Huntington Station, NY As surface-mount technology responds to the challenge of functioning at higher microwave frequencies, the performance demands on both active and passive components have become increasingly stringent. Typically, ceramic multilayer capacitors (MLC) are required to operate at...
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Low Voltage Power Amplifiers for GSM Handsets

Low voltage, high efficiency power amplifiers for Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) standard telephones are featured on this month's cover
Low Voltage Power Amplifiers for GSM Handsets Alpha Industries Woburn, MA As each successive generation of cellular telephones becomes smaller and lighter, so must the battery technologies that power them. The new generation of cellular telephones will incorporate batteries with low operating voltages between 2.8 and 3.5 V. The...
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A 5 W MMIC Driver Amplifier for PCS Base Stations

A GaAs power amplifier supplied in a metal-based in-line package for use as a driver stage for personal communications service (PCS) base stations
A 5 W MMIC Driver Amplifier for PCS Base Stations Raytheon Microelectronics Andover, MA Today’s wireless telecommunications equipment demands high performance, low cost components that are readily available and easy to implement. The model RMPA1911-96 GaAs power amplifier is a high efficiency, 5 W unit supplied in a metal-based...
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Countdown to the Microwave Millennium

Trends characterizing today's European microwave market, including an emphasis on wireless sectors, a shift away from defense applications toward commercial markets, and increased consolidation
Countdown to the Microwave Millennium If a seasoned observer of the European microwave and RF market was asked to describe the status of play of the major companies, the answer could be summarised in two words: stabilisation and consolidation. There seems to be little doubt that the current resurgence...
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InP-based HBT Technology for Next-generation Lightwave Communications

Recent advances in InA1As/InGaAs-InP heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) technology that reveal the performance capability of key optoelectric HBT MMICs critical for next-generation high speed lightwave communications
InP-based HBT Technology for Next-generation Lightwave Communications InAlAs/InGaAs-InP heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) technology offers high device speed, low 1/f flicker noise and monolithic integration of 1.55 mm InGaAs photodetectors making them well suited for next-generation, high data rate optoelectronic communication links. Application toward next-generation > 40 Gbps communication systems...
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