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Miniature Tight-tolerance Chip Inductors

Single-layer ceramic chip inductors that utilize a photolithographic etching process to achieve good performance and repeatability with a low cost construction technique
Miniature Tight-tolerance Chip Inductors Toko America Inc. Mt. Prospect, IL Today’s trend toward smaller circuits and automated assembly is pushing component manufacturers to develop new and innovative ways to reduce the size and cost of their products while maintaining or improving performance. High frequency inductors traditionally have been a...
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Europe’s Wireless Futures

An overview of developments in Europe's key wireless technologies as well as a look at trends for the future
Europe’s Wireless Futures European technologies and market prospects continue to play a critical role in the wider picture of the worldwide wireless and mobile scene. This special supplement to Microwave Journal provides an overview of developments in Europe’s key wireless technologies and looks at trends for the future. Stephen...
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RF/Microwave Power Package Reliability: The Effects of Component Materials and Assembly Processes

The combination of predictive finite element modeling and empirical analysis of package component materials and assembly processes as a performance and reliability assessment of alumina ceramic insulator frames in RF/microwave power packages
RF/Microwave Power Package Reliability: The Effects of Component Materials and Assembly Processes The mechanical performance and reliability of various Al 2 O 3 ceramics were evaluated with intended applications as insulator frames for RF/microwave power packages. Considering variations in base-flange material properties (CuW, CuMoCu), base-flange thickness (0.040", 0.020"), assembly...
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Microstrip Resonant Phase Shifters

The design of a continuously adjustable delay for the STM64 (OC192)-specified 10 GHz clock frequency and its integer multiples and submultiples to control different electro-optical devices in optical-fiber line-terminal equipment
Microstrip Resonant Phase Shifters Matjaz Vidmar University of Ljubljana Slovenia There are several possible designs for adjustable phase shifters (or adjustable delay lines) depending on the operating frequency, required bandwidth, power handling and technology used (mechanical, ferrite, PIN diode, varactor or I/Q modulator). This article describes the particular problem...
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3G is Poised to Take Over the Cellular World

A look at third-generation (3G) hardware and software, which are expected to significantly expand the range of available wireless options
3G is Poised to Take Over the Cellular World After much hoopla, third-generation (3G) hardware and software are finally preparing to become a reality at a global scale. Unresolved design and protocol questions are rapidly being addressed — but does anyone want a hand-held unit for the Internet? Ernest...
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Publish or Perish: It’s Not Just for Academics Anymore

Publishing as an important part of a successful professional career
Publish or Perish: It’s Not Just for Academics Anymore Harlan Howe, Jr. Microwave Journal Publisher/Editor The academic community has a long history of measuring the accomplishment of its members by their proclivity to publish and to base growth and advancement on the sheer quantity of those publications. “Publish or...
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RAWCON ’99 Conference Report

A recap of the 1999 IEEE Radio and Wireless Conference (RAWCON '99) held August 1-4 in Denver, CO
RAWCON ’99 Conference Report The 1999 IEEE Radio and Wireless conference (RAWCON ’99) was held in Denver, CO August 1–4, and proved to be a great success. This conference has evolved over the past few years into a very solid technical meeting, which emphasizes the interdisciplinary understanding of technologies...
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