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Subsystems VSAT Model The STEL-9261 very small aperture terminal (VSAT) modem is programmable for coverage over the full 52 to 88 MHz IF output range. Power level is programmable over the -5 to -25 dBm range. The unit includes integral forward error correction using constraint length K = 7...
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Around the Circuit

Around the Circuit Industry News Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) , Palo Alto, CA, has launched Agilent Technologies , a new, diversified technology company that is a result of HP’s plan to strategically realign itself into two fully independent companies. Agilent comprises HP’s former measurement and components businesses and will provide...
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New Literature

New Literature Technical Bulletin This technical bulletin provides information about ABLEBOND“ 8385 low stress, electrically conductive epoxy designed for high throughput bonding applications. Physical properties and application instructions as well as packaging and storage information are included. Ablestik Laboratories, Ontario, CA (310) 764-4600. Stainless-steel Tie Catalog This catalog describes...
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Web Update

Web Update Ultra-precision Substrates This Web site provides technical specifications for a broad range of substrate materials produced with exact repeatability consistency. The company’s new generation of MicroFine substrates, featuring unsurpassed uniformity, are described. The site also details available precision lapping, polishing, laser machining, diamond sawing and edge grinding...
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News from Washington

News from Washington Army Demonstrates RAP RF Transmission System The Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) has demonstrated a new radio, which is considered the cornerstone of its five-year digital battlefield communications advanced technology program. Demonstrated as part of the Joint Space-based Common Operation Picture Enhancement experiment conducted in Colorado Springs,...
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International Report

International Report GSS Launches GPS Y2K and Week 1024 Readiness Tester UK contractor Global Simulation Systems (GSS) Ltd. has launched a low cost test unit designed to facilitate the monitoring of Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers for year 2000 (Y2K) compliance and week 1024 rollover readiness. The STR4775 system...
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A Combined 360° Phase Shifter and Attenuator for Feedforward Amplifiers and Predistorters

A combined phase shifter and attenuator that represents a low-cost, small size, surface-mount device for PCS feedforward amplifier applications
A Combined 360° Phase Shifter and Attenuator for Feedforward Amplifiers and Predistorters Micro-Precision Technologies Inc. Salem, NH Feedforward amplifiers and predistorters used for PCS base station transmitters characteristically use electrically variable attenuators and phase shifters in their various signal cancellation and control loops to adaptively adjust the phase and...
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A 10 W 2 GHz Silicon Carbide MESFET

A 48 V power transistor that features 12 dB of linear gain at 2 GHz
A 10 W 2 GHz Silicon Carbide MESFET Cree Research Durham, NC One of the major problems facing traditional silicon and GaAs high power semiconductor devices is junction temperature. The devices’ high currents inevitably generate excessive heat that must be dissipated to keep the junction temperature within acceptable limits....
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Positive Bias GaAs Multithrow Switches with Integrated TTL Decoders

This month's cover features positive bias nonreflective GaAs switches with integrated decoders that advance the state of the art in MMIC switching
Positive Bias GaAs Multithrow Switches with Integrated TTL Decoders Hittite Microwave Corp. Chelmsford, MA Distribution and reception of digital, video and voice information has become an essential part of our daily routine. We use a network of fiber-to-RF cable to communicate with family, friends and coworkers via the Internet;...
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A 6 W MMIC Power Amplifier for 6 GHz Operation

A two-stage MMIC power amplifier fabricated using the compnay's mature GaAs self-aligned MSAG MESFET process
A 6 W MMIC Power Amplifier for 6 GHz Operation GaAsTEK, a unit of ITT Industries Roanoke, VA The current trend for microwave power amplifiers is higher power and efficiency without sacrificing good linear gain. Today’s circuit designer must satisfy these requirements while also meeting stringent size and cost...
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