Industry News

Around the Circuit

Around the Circuit Industry News M2 Global Technology Ltd. , a newly formed Texas limited partnership owned by microwave component and service supplier M2 Global Inc. , has acquired the microwave component and metal fabrication operations from Harris Corp., Microwave Communications Division (MCD) . Financial terms of the transaction...
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New Literature

New Literature Software Data Sheet This data sheet outlines the features and operations of the company's QuickLoad technology, which automatically loads calibration data to maximize flow computer and operator productivity and minimize operator error. Additional information is available at the company's Web site: . COX Instrument, a division...
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News from Washington

News from Washington Military Exercise Demonstrates Wide Area Communications Potential As reported in Defense Daily, the first phase of the Extending the Littoral Battlespace Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ELB ACTD) has demonstrated the potential for military forces to share a common operational picture at a distance exceeding 200 miles....
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International Report

International Report Siemens to Supply Swiss Voice and Data Radio Network German contractor Siemens AG's Information and Communication Networks Group has been awarded a contract valued at approximately DM50 M to supply, install and commission a new secure voice and data radio network for the Swiss customs service. Under...
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Commercial Market

Commercial Market Hertz to Install 50,000 GPS Systems Navigation Solutions LLC, a joint venture formed by Orbital Sciences Corp. and The Hertz Corp., is now delivering and installing 50,000 Global Positioning System (GPS) car navigation systems for the Hertz NeverLost® rental car service. Navigation Solutions will purchase 50,000 navigation...
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The Book End

The Book End Electromagnetic Optimization by Genetic Algorithms Yahya Rahmat-Samii and Eric Michielssen John Wiley & Sons Inc. 480 pages; $89.95 ISBN: 0-471-29545-0 Genetic algorithm (GA) optimizers are robust, stochastic search methods modeled on the principles and concepts of natural selection and evolution. GAs are increasingly being applied to...
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A Low Cost Millimeter-wave Receiver

A versatile, low cost millimeter-wave receiver capable of operating over 3.2 GHz bands from 18 to 40 GHz in a compact package
A Low Cost Millimeter-wave Receiver Communication Solutions Inc. Baltimore, MD A low cost millimeter-wave receiver intended for military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) downlink or terrestrial microwave link monitoring applications has been developed. This new receiver represents a major breakthrough in lowering the cost per gigahertz of this type of receiver....
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8 to 15 GHz High Spectral Purity PLDROs for LMDS and MVDS Applications

Phase-locked dielectric resonator oscillators (PLDRO) for use in future telecommunication systems
8 to 15 GHz High Spectral Purity PLDROs for LMDS and MVDS Applications Nexyn Corp. Sunnyvale, CA Local multipoint distribution systems (LMDS) and multipoint video distribution systems (MVDS) are paving the way for future telecommunication services by offering expanded channels and enormous data rates. LMDS and MVDS transmitters use...
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Low Cost, Ultra-high Isolation SPDT Switches

This month's cover features a DC to 5 GHz high isolation switch that can be used with a personal computer to produce a low cost, high speed, automated test station
Low Cost, Ultra-high Isolation SPDT Switches Mini-Circuits Brooklyn, NY Wideband test instrumentation often requires signal routing. This function is usually accomplished with mechanical switches, which are expensive and slow. When isolation requirements are not high, electronic switches may be utilized. However, most high isolation electronic switches available in today's...
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Parametrics and Optimization Using Ansoft HFSS

A powerful new feature of the company's high frequency structure simulator (HFSS) that provides parametric and optimization capabilities for three-dimensional RF and microwave design problems
Parametrics and Optimization Using Ansoft HFSS Ansoft Corp. Pittsburgh, PA The high frequency structure simulator (HFSS) is widely recognized as the tool that brought the power of the finite element method to three-dimensional (3-D) RF and microwave design. Finite element analysis allows complicated 3-D structures such as transitions, filters,...
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