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A method to accurately measure signals with bandwidths higher than those supported by off-the-shelf solutions
TECHNICAL FEATURE ACCURATE MEASUREMENT OF WIDEBAND MODULATED SIGNALS M.S. MUHA, C.J. CLARK, A.A. MOULTHROP AND C.P. SILVA The Aerospace Corporation El Segundo, CA   Phase and/or amplitude modulated signals are often used for information transmission in microwave communications systems. For simulating such a communications system, these types of signals...
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Catalog Update

Catalog Update Precision RF and Microwave Component Catalog This 40-page catalog details instrumentation-grade adapters, precision attenuators and terminations, and high return loss connectors as well as the K Connector,® which offers coverage up to 40 GHz. Measurement components are also featured. Product photographs, specifications and application notes are provided....
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News from Washington

News from Washington Pentagon Releases Leading US Military Contractor Rankings for 1999 According to a report issued by the Pentagon, Lockheed Martin Corp., manufacturer of the F-16 and other military aircraft and weapons systems, ranked first among US military contractors in 1999, receiving $12.7 B worth of prime contracts...
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International Report

International Report Earth Observation Efforts Advance In unrelated moves, Franco-British contractor Matra Marconi Space (MMS) has acquired National Remote Sensing Centre Ltd. (NRSC) and US contractor Ball Aerospace and Technologies is expected to propose a free-flying, space-based synthetic aperture radar (SAR) to the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration...
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Commercial Market

Commercial Market Global Fiber-optic Coupler Market to Reach $1.75 B by 2008 According to a recent report from ElectroniCast, the global consumption of fiber-optic couplers is projected to increase to $1.75 B by 2008 as a result of rising quantity growth (partially offset by a continuing decline of average...
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The Book End

The Book End Feedback Control Systems Charles L. Phillips and Royce D. Harbor Prentice Hall 658 pages; $100 ISBN: 0-13-949090-6 This fourth edition has been updated to include the SIMULINK™ simulation program, a block diagram program used with MATLAB™ for the simulation of both continuous (analog) and discrete systems...
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Klystron High Power Amplifiers for SATCOM Applications

C-, Ku- and direct broadcast satellite-band power amplifiers, which incorporate a unique multistage depressed-collector klystron that allows for a smaller, more efficient and cooler running amplifier
Klystron High Power Amplifiers for SATCOM Applications Communications & Power Industries (CPI), Satcom Division Palo Alto, CA A new family of C-band, Ku-band and direct broadcast satellite (DBS)-band compact GEN IV klystron power amplifiers (KPA) has been introduced. The new amplifiers incorporate a multistage depressed-collector (MSDC) klystron that allows...
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A Low Loss Dielectric Resonator Filter for Cellular and PCS Applications

A dielectric resonator filter capable of achieving very low passband insertion loss and high near-band rejection is featured on this month's cover
A Low Loss Dielectric Resonator Filter for Cellular and PCS Applications Trilithic Indianapolis, IN Because of the growing need for increased capacity in cellular and PCS networks, low insertion loss and high out-of-band rejection are critical parameters for service providers to deliver cost-effective coverage. The use of complex digital...
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High Performance, Low Cost, Surface-mount Microwave Mixers

A series of high performance passive mixers developed using patented Blue Cell technology that exhibit good conversion loss and excellent LO-to-RF and LO-to-IF isolation
High Performance, Low Cost, Surface-mount Microwave Mixers Blue Cell Technology, a family member of Mini-Circuits Brooklyn, NY As communication bandwidth requirements increase, industry is demanding higher performance in passive devices as well as smaller footprints. Although attempts are being made to utilize semiconductor technologies, they are capital intensive and,...
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A Web-based Test Equipment Locator

A new online service that lists more than 13,000 products from 200 manufacturers in more than 90 test equipment categories and provides a means for side-by-side comparison
A Web-based Test Equipment Locator TestMart San Bruno, CA One of the most frustrating jobs an engineer must face is selecting and locating a piece of test equipment to meet a specific demand among the myriad of offerings by hundreds of equipment manufacturers and the many varying performance specifications....
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