RF & Microwave Industry News

A Plastic Package for Custom Circuits

An injection-molded plastic packaging technique developed for small-signal, high-frequency circuits
A Plastic Package for Custom Circuits KDI/triangle Corp. Whippany, NJ Packaging has long been a key to reducing costs and speeding time to market for RF and microwave designs. Both commercial and military applications now call for small and lightweight high performance packages that do not add excessive cost....
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A Digitally Compensated Phase Shifter

A new digitally compensated phase shifter that receives frequency and phase shift information at its inputs and generates the required phase for that frequency by accessing a precisely calibrated look-up table
A Digitally Compensated Phase Shifter COMSAT RSI, Anghel Laboratories Rockaway, NJ Developing a phase shifter that produces a constant or flat phase response with respect to frequency is difficult. Networks that exhibit this type of behavior are narrowband and must be optimized for each specific frequency and desired phase...
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Multiband Linear Power Amplifiers

This month's cover features multiband linear power amplifiers that set new price and performance standards for wideband power and reliability
Multiband Linear Power Amplifiers ITS Electronics Inc. Concord, Ontario, Canada A family of wideband linear power amplifiers have been developed to service cellular/PCS applications as well as electronic warfare (EW)/electronic countermeasures (ECM), local multipoint distribution service and active load pull applications. The amplifier models cover four basic frequency ranges...
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An Affordable Harmonic Load Pull Setup

Programmable mm-wave hamonic and fundamental/harmonic combination tuners that operate from 1.6 to 33 GHz
An Affordable Harmonic Load Pull Setup Focus Microwaves Inc. Ville St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada Since the early days of semiconductor amplifier design when bipolar transistors were used, it has been common knowledge that short-circuiting the second and third harmonic frequencies with the correct phase at the output of a...
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A Flexible Upconverter/Signal Generator to Support Communication and Radar Systems

A state-of-the-art microwave upconverter/signal source covering the 0.01 to 20 GHz frequency range with east tuning and low phase noise
A Flexible Upconverter/Signal Generator to Support Communication and Radar Systems Communication Solutions Inc. Baltimore, MD As modulation formats become more complex and communication and radar systems push the edge of technology, timely and cost-effective maintenance of these systems requires sophisticated test equipment. Wider bandwidth, AM and FM modulation, and...
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Third-generation Wireless Test Equipment Requirements

New technology enhancements that will be found in third-generation wireless systems and the equipment needed to evaluate these designs
Third-generation Wireless Test Equipment Requirements Rob Van Brunt Telecom Analysis Systems Inc. Eatontown, NJ Although the technology rollout is still several years away, development of third-generation (3G) wireless systems is well under way. During this critical development phase, manufacturers are making strategic decisions on the most appropriate modulation, protocol...
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Current Techniques for Tuning Dielectric Resonators

Advantages and disadvantages of the various electronic tuning techniques for dielectric resonators
Current Techniques for Tuning Dielectric Resonators Electronic tuning of dielectric resonators over a relatively wide range while also preserving their characteristics is highly desirable, especially for use in nonaccessable systems such as airborne or spaceborne systems or in areas of high sophistication such as cellular radio systems. This article...
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The Age of the Precision Oscillator: The Role of the TCXO and the DCXO

Temperature-compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO) and digitally compensated crystal oscillators (DCXO), which feature high stability and are good candidates for use as precision reference oscillators in various applications
The Age of the Precision Oscillator: The Role of the TCXO and DCXO Bill Jennewein M-tron Industries Inc. Yankton, SD The need for quality, high precision timing devices is increasing daily. The heart of all communications is linked directly to a stable and dependable source of frequency control. Computer...
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COMPONENTS SP4T Nonreflective Switch The model AS115-61 high isolation, SP4T nonreflective switch operates with 0 and -3 V or -5 V over the DC to 2 GHz frequency range. The switch delivers low insertion loss of 0.7 dB at 0.9 GHz with high isolation of 50 dB at 0.9...
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MATERIALS Low Loss Dielectric Materials The ECCOSTOCK" series low loss dielectric materials for microwave applications feature dielectric constants ranging from 1.04 to 30 with loss tangents of < 0.002. The material is effective in antennas as a lens and in patch antennas as the spacer dielectric. It is also...
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