RF & Microwave Industry News

Cold War to Counter Drug

A relocatable over-the-horizon radar, which has become an integral part of the US' national drug strategy
Cold War to Counter Drug Ellen Ferraro and Drew Ganter Raytheon Co. Bedford, MA A small twin-engine airplane flies low over the water to avoid radar detection. At an undisclosed Caribbean airfield, two men waiting by a truck signal that it is all clear to land. The plane lands...
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The Pulse Desensitization Factor

A look at the deeper meaning of the pulse desensitization factor or product of pulse width and receiver bandwidth
The Pulse Desensitization Factor Morris Engelson JMS Consulting Portland, OR Len Garrett Tektronix Inc. Beaverton, OR It is well understood that the occupied spectrum width of a pulsed signal is inversely proportional to pulse width, accompanied by an associated reduction in spectrum level as the spectrum width increases. In...
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Near-field Mapping above a Coupled-line Filter and a MMIC

A comparison of the electric field measured with a modulated scattering technique and calculated with finite-difference time domain simulations for three-stage coupled-line microstrip bandpass filter
Near-field Mapping above a Coupled-line Filter and a MMIC This article presents a comparison of the electric field measured with the modulated scattering technique and calculated with finite-difference time domain (FDTD) simulations for a three-stage coupled-line microstrip bandpass filter. Electrically small dipoles and monopoles 150 and 100 mm long,...
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Applying Error Correction to Network Analyzer Measurements

Characterizing systematic errors in a test system and then removing them mathematically from subsequent measurement
Applying Error Correction to Network Analyzer Measurements David Ballo Hewlett-Packard Co., Microwave Instruments Division Santa Rosa, CA Designers and manufacturers use network analysis to measure the electrical performance of the components and circuits destined for use in more complex systems. When these devices convey signals with information content, designers...
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Around The Circuit

Around The Circuit INDUSTRY NEWS Raytheon Co. has completed its merger with Hughes Aircraft 's defense operations. Raytheon reports the merger is part of the company's effort to remain a top-tier company in a consolidating defense industry. The defense operations will become part of Raytheon Systems Co. , a...
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New Literature

New Literature Accuracy Application Note This application note describes frequency accuracy for test equipment, including synthesized signal generators, network analyzers, frequency counters, spectrum analyzers and other equipment that use quartz crystal time base standards. Methods are presented to determine overall frequency uncertainty. Anritsu Co., Microwave Measurement Division, Morgan Hill,...
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New Products: Components

COMPONENTS GaAs IC Digital Attenuator The model AD 210-25 attenuator designed for wireless communications applications offers good power control reproducibility in 1 dB steps to 15 dB and repeatability of ±0.25 dB +5 percent of the attenuation setting. The unit offers low insertion loss of 1.3 dB (typ) at...
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New Products: Software

SOFTWARE Radiated and Conducted Immunity Testing Software The model SW1003 radiated and conducted immunity testing software meets IEC 1000-4-3 and 4-6 specifications and features automated calibration, testing and report generation. In addition, thresholding and closed-loop leveling for precompliance equipment investigation to IEC 801-3 or MIL STD 461 are offered....
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New Products: Materials

MATERIALS Microwave-absorbing Urethane Foams The Eccosorb types QR-12 and QR-13 fire-retardant broadband microwave-absorbing urethane foams are certified to the UL-94 HF-2 standard. The urethane foams effectively kill cavity resonances over the 1 to 25 GHz frequency range. Applied to the cover of microwave power amplifiers, oscillators, low noise blocks...
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New Products: Systems

SYSTEMS DC - 2 GHz DSP Radio Receiver The model Collins 95S-1A digital signal processing (DSP) radio receiver is designed for communications and surveillance applications, spanning the 5 kHz to 2000 MHz range in 1 Hz steps. The remotely tunable receiver uses state-of-the-art direct-conversion receiver DSP technology to attain...
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