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Enterprise Software for RF Device Characterization

In today's competitive marketplace the characterization of RF semiconductor devices for modeling, design, applications and process improvement must be faster, more efficient, and more repeatable and accurate as companies strive to improve their product performance, design productivity and time to market. However, help is on hand with the Wavevue...
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Software for Creation of Custom Radar Pulse Patterns

Creating single-emitter pulse patterns for testing radar receivers is a complex, time-consuming process because of the extensive mathematics required, whether creating the initial waveform, modifying any of its characteristics such as pulse shaping and compression, or creating custom pulse patterns. A comprehensive software application called Signal Studio for Pulse...
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Ultra Linear Bandpass Filters

A new product line of ultra linear bandpass filters has been introduced that utilize patent pending cross coupling to reduce time delay and phase distortion up to 90 percent. The filters typically utilize a 12-section filter with two inductive and two capacitive non-adjacent couplings to equalize and flatten the...
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2003 Connector, Cable and Cable Assembly Survey

This is the first survey of connectors, cables and cable assemblies sponsored by Microwave Journal. We hope to update it annually with increased industry participation.
On December 13, 2002, we sent a questionnaire to 75 companies that provide products and services in this field, with a response deadline of January 11th. We used e-mail rather than the USPS so that we would have feedback that all the questionnaires were received. On January 3, 2003,...
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