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Microwave MCM-C Utilizing Low Loss LTCC and Photo-patterning Processes

A new low loss, low temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) technology, offers outstanding interconnect density and microwave performance
Microwave MCM-C Utilizing Low Loss LTCC and Photo-patterning Processes Microwave applications at frequencies in excess of 1 GHz, such as wireless devices, are well suited to ceramic construction. Other circuit fabrication technologies do not exhibit the same balance of low loss, precise geometries, cost and reliability. In addition, ceramic...
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Vector Signal Measurement for 38 GHz Digital Radio Applications

A 38 GHz vector signal measurement test set and its application for performing vectorsignal analysis of a 37 to 40 GHz power amplifier module
Vector Signal Measurement for 38 GHz Digital Radio Applications G. Samuel Dow, Jeff Yang and Kuo-Hsiung Yen, TRW, Electronics Technology Division Redondo Beach, CA Robert Matreci, Eric Spotted-Elk, Stephen Pettis and Long Trinh Hewlett-Packard Co., Santa Rosa Systems Division Santa Rosa, CA Broadband access using millimeter-wave digital radio technology...
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Adaptive Feedforward Linearization For RF Power Amplifiers

An optimized approach to solving the problem of intermodulation dostortion in multichannel, wideband applications
Adaptive Feedforward Linearization For RF Power Amplifiers Shawn P. Stapleton Simon Fraser University, School of Engineering Science Burnaby, B.C., Canada The design of RF power amplifiers has become increasingly complex. With modern radio communications systems focusing on ever-higher data rates and better spectral efficiencies, these challenges to amplifier design...
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Components DC - 2.5 GHz Integrated SPDT Switch The model AS169-73 integrated pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (pHEMT) SPDT switch delivers a broadband, low cost, integrated switching solution for transmit and receive chains operating from DC to 2.5 GHz. The AS169-73 features low insertion loss of 0.4 dB at...
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Systems Multiple Output 350 W Power Supply The model NT350 compact, multiple output 350 W power supply provides a 3.3 V high current main output and active input power factor correction (PFC). The PFC input stage is followed by a two-transistor forward converter, which provides a proven architecture for...
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Test Equipment

Test Equipment Precision Current Pulse Generator The model 507 precision current pulse generator offers digitally controlled current pulses with currents from 0 to 10 A and pulse widths from 0.1 to 100 ms. Precise current control and time-domain resolution allow for complete characterization of electronic systems. Offered in two,...
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Amplifiers CDMA Power Amplifier The model AWT6101 MIC CDMA power amplifier operates across the 1850 to 1910 MHz frequency range and has a low leakage of less than 10 mA, allowing extended standby times. Designed to minimize cycle time, save board space and reduce cost, the self-contained amplifier delivers...
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Antennas MMDS Antenna Range The DataMaster™ antenna range for two-way multichannel, multipoint distribution service (MMDS) systems is available in three versions, including a 90° sector transmit antenna for two-way systems with 18 dBi gain in the 2500 to 2700 MHz frequency band, and receive antennas for two-way systems with...
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Devices GaAs MESFETs The model NE72218 miniature GaAs MESFET delivers high output power of 15.0 dBm at 12 GHz and low phase noise of -90 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset. The MESFETs are best suited for oscillator and amplifier applications and feature a 0.8 mm recessed gate and triple...
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