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News From Washington

News From Washington F/A-18 Radar Production Contracts Awarded Raytheon Co. has received two contract awards for the production of the AN/APG-73 radar for installation in US Navy, US Marine Corps and Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) F/A-18 aircraft. An award from the Boeing Co. totals approximagely $467.2 M and...
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International Report

International Report Thomson-CSF Wins BIFF Contract French contractor Thomson-CSF Comsys has been awarded a Euro 38 million contract covering the production of 1500 Battlefield Identification Friend-or-Foe (BIFF) systems for France's armed forces. As currently structured, the French BIFF effort anticipates acquisition of 5400 units in three production lots. The...
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Commercial Market

Commercial Market Hong Kong Telecommunications Market Opens Up The Hong Kong government has opened up its telecommunications market by granting fixed network licenses to five companies and the right to operate international satellite services to 12 other applicants. PSINet HK Ltd., HKNet-Teligent Company Ltd., HK Broadband Network Ltd., Eastar...
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The Bookend

The Book End The Essential Guide to RF and Wireless Carl J. Weisman Prentice Hall PTR 232 pages; $34.99 ISBN: 0-13-025962-4 Here is a book on RF and wireless components and systems that is strictly intended for a nontechnical audience. It has two simple objectives: to provide a conceptual...
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Ultra-high Linearity GaAs Mixers

A new generation of mixers with outstanding intermodulation performance, minimum space requirements and remarkably low LO power levels
Ultra-high Linearity GaAs Mixers Infineon Technologies AG Munich, Germany Mixers are common devices in modern communication and signal processing systems. They can serve as up- and downconverters and are combined in modulators for different balanced or unbalanced configurations. Current consumption, IP3 performance and conversion loss are critical factors in...
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Ultra-high Stability Miniature OCXOs

Oven-controlled crystal oscillators (OCXO) that utilize a double-oven configuration in a minature package and feature ultra-high stability as well as high reliability
Ultra-high Stability Miniature OCXOs MTI-Milliren Technologies Inc. Newburyport, MA The current drive for miniaturization and low cost commercialization is also affecting oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) products. Although burdened by a discrete oven that stabilizes the crystal oscillator’s thermal environment, modern OCXO designs must be smaller and less expensive than...
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Electronically Tunable RF Filters for LMDS Frequencies

Electronically tunable RF filters that provide fast tuning, maintain high Q values at LMDS frequencies and enable a single radio to operate at multiple frequencies
Electronically Tunable RF Filters for LMDS Frequencies Paratek Microwave Inc. Columbia, MD Local multipoint distribution service (LMDS) is a two-way digital wireless communication medium enabling voice, data and video traffic. LMDS applications are located in the 22 to 40 GHz range of the spectrum and provide an attractive solution...
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Plastic-packaged FETs for High Power Applications

GaAs MESFET devices that are housed in a low cost plastic package and feature high linearity
Plastic-packaged FETs for High Power Applications Amcom Communications Inc. Clarksburg, MD With the advent of wireless communications, demands have increased for high power, high linearity and inexpensive power amplifiers. Devices capable of handling high power along with high linearity are being used to design power amplifiers that achieve the...
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A Multilayer Press for Rapid PCB Prototype Fabrication

A new tabletop multilayer press for rapid PCB prototyping that permits multilayer designs to be fabricated in the engineering lab for rapid evaluation
A Multilayer Press for Rapid PCB Prototype Fabrication LPKF Laser & Electronics, USA Wilsonville, OR Until now fabricating prototype multilayer PCBs has been a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Although single-layer prototype boards traditionally are constructed in house, designers have been forced to go to outside shops for their prototype...
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A Multilevel Design Environment for Wireless System Development

The Microwave Office Design Suite (WDS), which provides a new level of realism when predicting practical system performance through the use of computer-aided engineering techniques
A Multilevel Design Environment for Wireless System Development Applied Wave Research Inc. (AWR) El Segundo, CA Simulation techniques have been in use for many years to support the design and evaluation of RF and microwave systems. During the past three decades, computer-aided engineering (CAE) techniques have matured and are...
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