Industry News

New Literature

New Literature Wireless and Microwave Products Brochure This brochure includes electrical specifications and outline drawings of the company's new product releases. The new releases include rotary step attenuators specifically calibrated for the DC to 2.1 GHz frequency range, micro-miniature and miniature fixed attenuators covering the frequency range of DC...
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Catalog Update

Catalog Update RF and Microwave Instruments This 13-page catalog features the company's RF and microwave instruments, such as microwave receivers and tuners, downconverters, upconverters, display digitizers, demodulators, IF-to-baseband converters, linearizer-amplifiers and RF multi-couplers. Product descriptions, schematics, features, photographs, block diagrams and applications are included. Warranty and exporting information are...
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Workshops & Courses

Workshops & Courses Advanced RF Power Amplifier Techniques Topics: Theory and design of RF power amplifiers, both for mobile and basestation applications in modern communications systems. In-depth treatment of PA design, PA modes, envelope power management and linearization techniques. Site: Nice, France Dates: February 11-14, 2002 Contact: CEI-Europe, PO...
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News From Washington

News From Washington US Air Force Awards Harris Corp. $24 M Contract Harris Corp., a world leader in satellite network support and control solutions, announced that it has been awarded a one-year, $24.3 M contract option to provide operations, maintenance and support services to the US Air Force Satellite...
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International Report

International Report ESA Undertakes First Satellite-to-satellite Laser Communications Test In unrelated but parallel efforts, the European Space Agency (ESA) has announced that it has successfully established an in-orbit, satellite-to-satellite, laser data link and has validated the communications link between the ESA Huygens probe and the American National Aeronautics and...
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The Commercial Market

The Commercial Market Market for Discrete Microwave Semiconductors to Exceed $1.1 B in 2005 A new report entitled "Microwaves North America III - Discrete Microwave Semiconductors - Markets to 2005," suggests that the overall total available markets for this class of RF/microwave products will grow from the $890 M...
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The Book End

The Book End Radio-Frequency and Microwave Electronics Illustrated Matthew M. Radmanesh Prentice Hall PTR 849 pages plus CD-ROM; $84 ISBN: 0-13-027958-7 This book is intended to be used in a two-semester course in microwave electronics for senior-level or graduate students and should serve as an excellent reference guide for...
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Cost-effective Wireless Antenna Measurement Systems

Introduction to two new antenna measurements systems for single- or dual-axis antenna pattern measurements in the wireless frequency ranges
Product Feature Cost-effective Wireless Antenna Measurement Systems MI Technologies Duluth, GA Two new antenna measurement systems have recently been introduced that add to the MI-3600 antenna measurement product line. The MI-3600 family is comprised of 20 antenna measurement systems for single- or dual-axis antenna pattern measurements in the popular...
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A Mobile Ultra-low Phase Noise Sapphire Oscillator

Introduction to a low noise fixed-frequency X-band sapphire cavity oscillator
Product Feature A Mobile Ultra-low Phase Noise Sapphire Oscillator Poseidon Scientific Instruments Pty Ltd. Fremantle, Western Australia Radar, communications, and test and measurement designers require ever-improving phase noise performance in their master oscillator. For mobile system success, ultra-low phase noise performance must be coupled with exceptional immunity to vibration...
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2.5 V GaAs pHEMT Switches for GSM Handsets

A new line of 2.5 V GaAs pHEMT switches for GSM handsets is featured
Cover Feature 2.5 V GaAs pHEMT Switches for GSM Handsets M/A-COM Lowell, MA A new line of robust GaAs pHEMT switches for operation in 2.5 V GSM handsets has been developed. These switches feature performance that is unrivaled in the industry for harmonics at 2.5 V in addition to...
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