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Filtronic Samples New Family of Packaged MMICs

Filtronic Compound Semiconductors announced they are now sampling a new family of packaged MMICs targeting the Wireless Infrastructure (WI) and WiMAX market segments. The FMA3017QFN, FMA3018QFN and FMA3019QFN MMICs are balanced low noise amplifiers packaged in industry standard, cost-effective RoHS compliant outlines. Each MMIC is designed for optimum performance...
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’Disruptive Technologies’ XtremeQ™ Filters and Resonators from DLI

Dielectric Laboratories Inc. (DLI) is offering microwave filters and resonators in its XtremeQ™ series now available from prototype to high volume manufacturing. XtremeQ filters and resonators can be ordered from DLI’s extensive catalog “Resonators, Filters and Custom Ceramic Components” or manufactured to customer’s specification utilizing proprietary or patented ceramic...
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Chelton Telecom & Microwave — the Need for a European Focus

The Cobham company with a wide RF and microwaves portfolio identifies EuMW as a key event for European and global development
During 2006, Chelton Telecom & Microwave decided to focus on just three important shows, with European Microwave Week being an automatic choice. With its European coverage and high profile in the microwave industry, it is one of the shows that counts and where we, as a company, want to...
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RFHIC — from Asia, to Europe and Beyond

Dr. Samuel Cho, CTO of RFHIC gives a Korean perspective on addressing European and global markets
As a Korean company, RFHIC sees the European market as being key in expanding microwave technology and a stepping-stone to other markets. We believe that by investing in the European market we will be able to further develop newer technology and develop enhanced products. European Microwave Week has an...
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Focus on EuMIC 2006 and the Microwave Integrated Circuits of Tomorrow

The EuMIC Chairman, Steve Marsh, highlights the inaugural conference and look to a future with perhaps GaAs-only mobile phones and GaN chips in base stations
As has been much publicised, 2006 heralds the inauguration of the European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference, which carries on from the highly successful GAAS ® symposia. The GAAS Association and the European Microwave Association have worked together to produce a conference that maintains the excellent traditions of the former...
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MPG Opens Sales Office in Sweden

Microwave Products Group® (MPG), composed of Dow-Key Microwave and K&L Microwave , announced the opening of a new office in Stockholm, Sweden. This new location significantly enhances MPG’s ability to serve new and existing customers in Scandinavia. It also supports company initiatives to improve customer relations and corporate growth...
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EU Speeds Towards Embedded Systems Design

As part of the European Union’s 6 th Framework Programme for funding technology and scientific projects, a new embedded systems initiative called Speculative and Exploratory Design in Systems Engineering (SPEEDS) has been established. The initiative is a concerted effort to define a standard, end-to-end framework for the implementation of...
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MEMS Initiative Centres on Scotland

The institute for System Level Integration (iSLI) has been awarded £1.12 M of funding by Scottish Enterprise to assist UK industry with the adoption of cutting-edge micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology. The award will establish a publicly accessible centre of design excellence, providing the commercial sector with access to expertise...
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Group Discussion on Information Society

The United Nations Group on the Information Society (UNGIS) has been launched to serve as an interagency coordinating mechanism within the UN system to implement the outcomes of the recently concluded World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). The Summit set critical targets for global connectivity and ICT for...
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Alongside leading semiconductor companies and research institutes EPCOS is participating in a new European Union programme known as Mixed SIP and SOC Integration of Power BAW Filters for Digital Wireless Transmissions (MOBILIS). The objective of the program is to develop miniaturized RF filters for the latest mobile phone standards...
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