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A Low Cost, Cavity Stabilized 5.8 GHz Oscillator Realized in LTCC

A cost-effective, highly stable 5.8 GHz FET oscillator realized in LTCC with an integral cavity resonator
TECHNICAL FEATURE A Low Cost, Cavity Stabilized 5.8 GHz Oscillator Realized in LTCC To achieve high stability and low cost, a 5.8 GHz FET oscillator was realized in the low temperature, cofired ceramic (LTCC) medium, with an integral cavity resonator. The oscillator exhibits an average 0.23 MHz/°C drift over...
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Metamorphic Transistor Technology for RF Applications

Detailed review of the material properties, processing, and device and amplifier performance of metamorphic HEMTs
TECHNICAL FEATURE Metamorphic Transistor Technology for RF Applications C.S. Whelan, P.F. Marsh, W.E. Hoke, S.M. Lardizabal, R. Leoni III, K.C. Hwang and T.E. Kazior Raytheon RF Components Andover, MA T he need for bandwidth, driven primarily by the explosive demand for information transfer and communication services, has necessitated the...
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Spectrum Modeling of an RF Power Amplifier for TDMA Signals

Nonlinear effects of an RF power amplifier in a TDMA system
TECHNICAL FEATURE Spectrum Modeling of an RF Power Amplifier for TDMA Signals One of the critical and costly components in digital cellular communication systems is the RF power amplifier. Theoretically, one of the main concerns in an RF power amplifier design is the nonlinear effect of the amplifier. Quantitatively,...
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The Book End

THE BOOK END * Bluetooth Demystified Nathan J. Muller McGraw-Hill 396 pages; $49.95 (paperback) ISBN: 0-07-136323-8 Bluetooth wireless technology is intended to replace cable connections between electronic devices for the purpose of data transfer. Within a few years, approximately 80 percent of all mobile phones are expected to carry...
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Catalog Update

Catalog Update * New Products and Technologies Catalog   This "What's New at AVX for 2001" catalog offers valuable information on this year's new products and technologies. The catalog highlights information on the company's products, including capacitors, capacitor arrays, filters, thin film devices, ferrites, timing devices, connectors and circuit...
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Around the Circuit

AROUND THE CIRCUIT INDUSTRY NEWS * Rogers Corp. has entered into an agreement with Taconic to acquire its Advanced Dielectric business. Taconic's Advanced Dielectric business manufactures and markets high frequency printed circuit material laminates. Under the terms of the agreement, Rogers will acquire the manufacturing facilities and offices located...
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Commercial Market

THE COMMERCIAL MARKET Voice-activated Wireless Location-sensitive Service to be Tested Cell-Loc Inc. has announced that, in conjunction with Nortel Networks, a joint trial of the first voice-activated, wireless location-sensitive service using network location technology to provide that service to mobile phone users will be conducted in Austin, TX. The...
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A Non-tantalum-based Ceramic Material for Low Loss Filter Applications

A new, non-tantalum-based ceramic material for low loss filter applications
COVER FEATURE A Non-tantalum-based Ceramic Material for Low Loss Filter Applications Trans-Tech Inc., a subsidiary of Alpha Industries Adamstown, MD T he omnipresent cell phone is a constant reminder of the wireless market explosion. The proliferation of cellular basestations is close behind, and this infrastructure is becoming more complex...
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International Report

INTERNATIONAL REPORT Martin Streetly, International Correspondent Thais Deploy German SAR European Aeronautic, Defence and Space (EADS) Deutschland subsidiary Dornier GmbH has supplied the Kongtap Agard Thai (Royal Thai Air Force) with a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) system that has been integrated aboard one of the service's six G222 transport...
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New Literature

NEW LITERATURE * Product Catalog This catalog "Kyocera 2001 Electronic Components," features Kyocera electronic components, offering valuable information on the company's latest products. AVX sells a wide range of passive components manufactured by Kyocera in Japan, including resistors, timing devices, filters, acoustic generators and capacitors. AVX Corp., Myrtle Beach,...
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