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Improved Gain for a Dynamic Envelope Tracking Amplifier in Cellular Radio Handsets

Use of varactor diode to improve gain in an envelope tracking amplifier in third generation cellular phones
TECHNICAL FEATURE Improved Gain for a Dynamic Envelope Tracking Amplifier in Cellular Radio Handsets An envelope tracking (ET) amplifier with variable bias voltage is a potentially more efficient power amplifier technique for third generation cellular phones. However, the input and output impedances of the transistors vary with the bias...
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Design of a Planar Microstrip Balun at S-band

Design, simulation and measured results of a planar microstrip balun at S-band
TECHNICAL FEATURE Design of a Planar Microstrip Balun at S-band An innovation for the Marchand balun model is presented. The structure of the designed planar microstrip matching circuit is fairly simple, practical and easily fabricated without requiring complex multiple metal or dielectric layers. Moreover, the designed balun performs well....
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IMS 2001: Chicken Little Was Wrong

No, the sky isn't falling, not after another successful show at the 2001 International Microwave Symposium (IMS) and Exhibition held May 20 to 25 in Phoenix
IMS 2001: Chicken Little Was Wrong Frank Bashore Microwave Journal staff How can the sky be falling on the RF/microwave industry when over 11,000 participants braved 100°+ heat to attend Microwave Week in Phoenix in May? IMS 2001 was the biggest and best symposium and exhibition yet, and the...
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The Bookend

THE BOOKEND * Radio-Electronic Transmission Fundamentals B. Whitfield Griffith, Jr. Noble Publishing Corp. 648 pages; $75 ISBN: 1-884932-13-4 This is a reprint of a textbook originally published in 1962. It is intended to bridge the gap between the elementary and advanced technical works pertaining to the generation and transmission...
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Around the Circuit

AROUND THE CIRCUIT INDUSTRY NEWS * Plexus Corp. completed its previously announced acquisition of electronic manufacturing services provider Qtron Inc. Plexus paid approximately $30 M in cash and assumed approximately $17 M in debt, in addition to Qtron's ordinary trade payables. The acquisition was financed through Plexus' existing capital...
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Commercial Market

THE COMMERCIAL MARKET MEMS Industry Matures, Big Changes Lay Ahead Having plugged away for the last decade, MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) technology is about to shrug off the flash-in-the-pan mantle some have bestowed upon it, and emerge as a bona fide industry, according to Cahners In-Stat Group ( )....
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Coming Events

COMING EVENTS 2001 IEEE Emerging Technologies Symposium on Broadband Communications for the Internet Era September 10­11, 2001 Dallas, TX Sponsor: IEEE, Dallas Section. Topics: Third-generation cellular, LMDS, network planning and management, Internet standards and protocols, wireless infrastructure, fiber optics, WDM, optical CDMA, WLL, WLANs, Bluetooth, software radio, systems-on-a-chip, embedded...
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International Report

INTERNATIONAL REPORT Russo-French Tie-up Targets Mars Exploration French space system contractor Alcatel Space has teamed with Russia's Babakin Space Centre to develop elements of France's Premier Mars exploration programme. Under the deal, the Babakin Centre will take responsibility for the design, development and production of the landing system to...
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New Literature

NEW LITERATURE * RF and Microwave Test Accessories Catalog This 207-page catalog features the company's adapters, cables, connectors, amplifiers, attenuators, detectors, directional couplers and bridges, filters and limiters, impedance test accessories, mixers, network analyzer accessories, power dividers and splitters, power sensors, spectrum analyzer accessories, switches, terminations and waveguide accessories....
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New Products

NEW PRODUCTS COMPONENTS * Three-way Power Divider This complete line of three-way power dividers is designed for wireless communication bands from 800 MHz through 2.6 GHz. The casing is less than half the size of a typical printed microstrip three-way power divider, which is achieved by the use of...
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