RF & Microwave Industry News

The Changing Tide: Europe Turns to the Market

A look at how industry-wide re-engineering is helping microwave manufacturers to become, in some instances, more successful than their clients in the telecommunications industry
The Changing Tide: Europe Turns to the Market Bhawani Shankar European Microwave Journal Staff Barely five years ago, the microwave industry in Europe appeared to be locked in an uncertain battle against the twin forces of unproven markets and a dwindling list of orders. Today, a similar analysis of...
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Major Advances in Phased Arrays: Part II

The entry of MMIC arrays into space-age telecommunications, and ongoing research and development programs looking to use phased arrays effectively
Major Advances in Phased Arrays: Part II This article is the second in a two-part series describing the major accomplishments in phased arrays and new-age MMIC ground-based and airborne arrays. Part one covered significant advances made in phased arrays over the last 35 years and the entry into the...
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News From Washington

Industry Organizes to Handle Shrinking C4I Market The recent Frost & Sullivan report, "US Military Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) Markets," addresses the likely development of funding priorities for theater and national missile defense, tactical communications and information warfare under Secretary of Defense William Cohen and the...
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International Report

Matra Marconi Wins Europe's Largest TV Uplink Earth Station The Franco-British Matra Marconi Space consortium has been awarded a multimillion-pound contract to provide British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) with Europe's largest television uplink earth station. To be located at Chilworth in the UK, the new facility will provide up to...
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Commercial Marketplace

1996 US Factory Electronics Sales Rise Nine Percent The Electronic Industries Association reports that 1996 US factory sales of electronics equipment, components and related products exceeded $409 B, a nine percent increase over 1995 results. The telecommunications sector enjoyed the largest yearly gain with sales of $63.5 B in...
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The Book End

Phased Array-based Systems and Applications Nicholas Fourikis John Wiley & Sons Inc. 426 pages; $74.95 Phased arrays are used currently in radar, communications, electronic warfare (EW) and radio astronomy and soon will be commonplace in airport safety and traffic systems, environmental sensing and systems to manage the Earth's resources....
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A GSM Digital Radio Communications Test Set

A Global Systm fof Mobile communications (GSM) radio test set that covers both digital communcations sytems and personal communications services/networks
A GSM DIGITAL RADIO COMMUNICATIONS TEST SET Marconi Instruments Inc. Marconi Instruments Inc. Allendale, NJ Without question, the Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) is the dominant digital cellular radio technology in use throughout the world. Originally designed for the European market, GSM has been adopted to meet the...
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Three Dimensional EM Software for PCs

Electromagnetic software that takes advantage of the price/performance of PCs with versions for Wnidows 95 and Windows NT
THREE DIMENSIONAL EM SOFTWARE FOR PCs   Sonnet Software Inc. Liverpool, NY Commercial three-dimensional (3D) electromagnetic (EM) software has become a key to rapid prototyping and design of high frequency components, systems and antennas. However, these software packages have been practically limited to UNIX workstations or supercomputer environments because...
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A Low Noise Frequency Synthesizer for the Cellular Band

A special-purpose frequency generator covering the frequency range from 800 to 960 MHz with 0.1 Hz resolution and low noise filter
A LOW NOISE FREQUENCY SYNTHESIZER FOR THE CELLULAR BAND   Program Test Sources Littleton, MA In mixed-signal automatic test equipment systems, which cost from $1 M to $2 M, broad coverage from 1 to 1000 MHz or even 1 to 3200 MHz is not a luxury since the system...
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A Subminiature SMT Circuit Insertion Coaxial Relay

A coaxial relay that uses surface-mount technology (SMT) and requires less actuating current than conventional connectorized relays
A SUBMINIATURE SMT CIRCUIT INSERTION COAXIAL RELAY RelComm Salisbury, MD A coaxial circuit insertion (bypass) function relay provides a cost-effective approach for high performance wireless communications equipment as well as automatic test equipment and a variety of test and monitoring instrumentation. The relay's switching function allows a circuit element...
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