RF & Microwave Industry News


TEST EQUIPMENT Wideband Noise Generator The model TAS 430 wideband noise generator generates precise, user-programmed levels of additive white Gaussian noise, meeting the test requirements for a wide range of wireless communication applications, including cellular and PCS, WLL, WLAN, cordless telephone and satellite communications. The unit features easy-to-use front-panel...
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PROCESSING EQUIPMENT Coax Cable Strippers and Center Conductor Pointer These coax cable strippers and center conductor pointer allow the cable to be bent first and then stripped and/or pointed. The tools produce a perfectly dimensioned point even if the conductor is cut long. Tools are also available to strip...
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SOFTWARE CDMA Cellular System Measurement Software The model MX260002A code-division multiple access (CDMA) cellular system measurement software allows CDMA mobile and base station tests to be performed with the company's MS2650/MS2660 spectrum analyzers. The software can be downloaded to any MS2650/MS2660 series spectrum analyzer. The automated software program sets...
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News from Washington

News from Washington Jam-resistant GPS Demonstrated As reported in Jane’s Missiles & Rockets, Boeing has developed and demonstrated a new antijam Global Positioning System (GPS) for munition applications. Tests were conducted at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico under the US Air Force’s Antijam GPS Technology Flight Test...
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International Report

International Report Greece and Turkey to Acquire AEW&C Capabilities Recent reports indicate that both Greece and Turkey are moving towards the procurement of an airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) capability for their respective air forces. The Greek requirement reportedly calls for at least four aircraft, which currently are...
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The Commercial Market

The Commercial Market First-half 1998 US Factory Electronics Sales Rise 9.6 Percent Preliminary data from the Electronic Industries Alliance indicate that, despite the uncertainty in Asian markets, US factory sales of electronics equipment, components and related products totaled more than $241.6 B for the first half of 1998, a...
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The Book End

The Book End Low Level Measurements: Precision DC Current, Voltage and Resistance Measurements Joseph F. Keithley Keithley Instruments Inc. 214 pages; no charge This book is intended as a practical guide to making precision measurements of low level DC signals. It provides a comprehensive overview of the theoretical and...
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A 1 W, 900 MHz HBT Power Amplifier

A heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) power amplifier specifically optimized to privide high power and efficiency while operating from a +3.6 to +6 V DC supply
A 1 W, 900 MHz HBT Power Amplifier EiC Corp.Fremont, CA Today’s cellular and portable communications equipment is expected to feature high power and efficiency while operating from a single low voltage supply. The system’s power amplifier must be able to meet these qualifications. The model ES-2067 GaAs heterojunction...
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A Phase-coherent Frequency Synthesizer for Radar Applications

A high performance, phase-coherent frequency synthesizer derived from established commercial building blocks for military radar system applications
A Phase-coherent Frequency Synthesizer for Radar Applications Programmed Test Sources Inc. (PTS) Littleton, MA The procurement policy of the defense establishment has recently undergone some significant changes. Traditionally, only equipment that met military specifications was available, often leading to very expensive solutions. Despite this restriction, maintenance requirements and reliability/longevity...
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High Isolation Switches with Integral Drivers

This month's cover features a low cost, GaAs, high isolation SPDT switch with an integrated driver that reduces the leakage of unwanted signals
High Isolation Switches with Integral Drivers Mini-Circuits Brooklyn, NY Solid-state switches are used extensively for routing or selecting RF and microwave signals. If the isolation between the selected and unselected ports is not high, leakage of unwanted signals could degrade the carrier-to-interference ratio. Several switches may have to be...
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