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Three Dimensional EM Software for PCs

Electromagnetic software that takes advantage of the price/performance of PCs with versions for Wnidows 95 and Windows NT
THREE DIMENSIONAL EM SOFTWARE FOR PCs   Sonnet Software Inc. Liverpool, NY Commercial three-dimensional (3D) electromagnetic (EM) software has become a key to rapid prototyping and design of high frequency components, systems and antennas. However, these software packages have been practically limited to UNIX workstations or supercomputer environments because...
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A Low Noise Frequency Synthesizer for the Cellular Band

A special-purpose frequency generator covering the frequency range from 800 to 960 MHz with 0.1 Hz resolution and low noise filter
A LOW NOISE FREQUENCY SYNTHESIZER FOR THE CELLULAR BAND   Program Test Sources Littleton, MA In mixed-signal automatic test equipment systems, which cost from $1 M to $2 M, broad coverage from 1 to 1000 MHz or even 1 to 3200 MHz is not a luxury since the system...
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A Subminiature SMT Circuit Insertion Coaxial Relay

A coaxial relay that uses surface-mount technology (SMT) and requires less actuating current than conventional connectorized relays
A SUBMINIATURE SMT CIRCUIT INSERTION COAXIAL RELAY RelComm Salisbury, MD A coaxial circuit insertion (bypass) function relay provides a cost-effective approach for high performance wireless communications equipment as well as automatic test equipment and a variety of test and monitoring instrumentation. The relay's switching function allows a circuit element...
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Low Cost Substrates for High Speed, High Frequency, High Volume PCBs

Substrate materials offering good electrical stability and performance for high volume PCB applications in the 1 to 3 GHz frequency range
LOW COST SUBSTRATES FOR HIGH SPEED, HIGH FREQUENCY, HIGH VOLUME PCBs Arlon Materials for Electronics Division Rancho Cucamonga, CA New substrate materials for high speed, high frequency commercial electronic circuits have been introduced. The 25N substrate materials for high volume commercial circuits feature many of the performance advantages of...
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High Frequencies in High Places

1997 MTT-S Symposium Chair Claude M. Weil and Vice Chair Roger B. Marks preview Microwave Week in Denver, including the events of the MTT-S, RFIC and ARFTG conferences
High Frequencies in High Places Claude M. Weil and Roger B. Marks 1997 International Microwave Symposium Chair and Vice Chair Don't miss out on this year's Microwave Week to be held in the Mile-high city of Denver on June 8-13! This year's event, which includes the 1997 IEEE MTT-S...
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Microwaves in the Mile-high City

Important features of the 1997 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium and Exhibition, as well as information on reaching Denver and navigating the events of Microwave Week
Microwaves in the Mile-High City The 1997 MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS) and Exhibition in Denver is scheduled to dazzle attendees while making its long-awaited return to Colorado following a 24-year hiatus. After setting an all-time attendance record in San Francisco in 1996, the event is poised for a...
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1997 Exhibition Guide

A listing of exhibiting microwave companies, their booth numbers, booth personnel, and products and/or services
Exhibition Guide 1997 IEEE MTT-S The following exhibitors are recognized for sponsoring complimentary coffee breaks in the exhibition hall during the 1997 MTT-S Exhibition: ANSOFT CORPORATION - Booth 319 4 Station Square Suite 660 Pittsburgh, PA 15219 Sponsor of breaks on: Tuesday morning, June 10 Wednesday morning, June 11...
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Exhibitor List

An alphabetical listing of companies participating in the Microwave Week exhibition and their respective booth numbers
Exhibitor List 1997 IEEE MTT-S The following list is complete as of press time, but may not include all companies. Accumet Engineering Corp. 834             Accuratus Corp. 274             AdComm Inc. 1036             ADC...
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New Types of Microstrip Antennas for UHF Applications

A new technology for the fabrication of microstrip antennas in general and for UHF frequencies in particular
New Types of Microstrip Antennas for the Applications Typically, patch antennas are narrowband and their Q factor is inversely proportional to frequency. The main reason for the high Q factor is that patch antennas are essentially circuits printed on a relatively thin substrate: the higher the dielectric, the higher...
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Static Fractional-N: The True Fractional Division Method of Indirect Synthesis

Indirect frequency synthesis using dynamic fractional division vs. static fractional division
Static Fractional: The True Fractional Division Method of Indirect Synthesis A significant development of the indirect frequency synthesis method, called fractional-N, has been developed recently. This article shows that this dynamic method is only one of two possible ways for the implementation of the fractional division idea. The second...
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