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Focus on ECWT 2006 and Communication Technologies of the Future

The ECWT Chairman, Dr. Richard Ransom outlines the conference and looks beyond mobile phone technology towards advanced methods for delivering broadband connectivity
The European Conference on Wireless Technology is not only Europe’s premier conference on Wireless Technology, it is also a growing international event, demonstrated by the fact that it received a record number of papers from over 50 countries with a significant proportion of contributors from North America and the...
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Rohde & Schwarz — Measuring Up at High Frequencies

Christian Evers, head of CoC Microwave Development and Production, Microelectronics, explains how the demand for higher frequencies is influencing development
As a leading T&M company, Rohde & Schwarz is dedicated to enabling research, development, manufacturing and operation of all kinds of RF and microwave applications by providing test and measurement solutions. As the demand for higher frequencies increases, the company is continuously expanding its product portfolio into these frequency...
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NTT-AT — Bringing Asian Technologies to a Global Audience

A view from Japan focusing on the technological development and implementation of GaN based electronic devices
At European Microwave Week, state-of-the-art technologies will be to the fore at the conferences and on display at the European Microwave Exhibition. A particular area of interest to the NTT Advanced Technology Corp. is that of GaN-based electronic devices, such as AlGaN/GaN HEMTs, which, because of their material performance,...
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Wavecrest Selects Inphi® Corp

Inphi® Corp.’s recently launched GigaTrack™ family of high frequency Track-and-Hold Amplifiers (THA) has been selected by Wavecrest as a fundamental building block for its sophisticated family of signal integrity analysis (SIA) solutions, beginning with its SIA-4000. Wavecrest’s test equipment is used to analyze serial data communication and clock signals...
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SÜSS MicroTec — up Close and Personal

The test equipment manufacturer believes that face-to-face, hands-on demonstrations and the free exchange of ideas are the keys to success, both for the company and for EuMW
European Microwave Week is a chance for SÜSS MicroTec to get our message across to a specific audience of potential customers in a very personal way. Our solutions are technical, and although the Internet is a very important tool for us to communicate with our customers, it is always...
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Pascall — Tackling Global Terrorism and Government Agencies

The UK manufacturer discusses EuMW, the influences of innovation on modern life, the effects of export restrictions and more…
For nearly thirty years, Pascall has been at the heart of the European microwave community. In that time, the world has seen enormous changes in technology and the uses and applications of it. Over the years European Microwave Week has mirrored those changes while also being the platform for...
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Focus on EuMC and a European Microwaves and RF Market Overview

The European Microwave Conference 2006 Chairman, Professor Tom Brazil, elaborates on the conference and identifies the key drivers for microwaves and RF development in Europe
The EuMC is the longest running of the European Microwave Week Conferences having originated in the UK in 1969. Our industry has come a long way since then in terms of technological development and innovation, the global marketplace and commercial enterprise. The 36 th EuMC 2006 conference will reflect...
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Raytheon Wins Homeland Security Contract

Raytheon Co. has been selected by the Department of Homeland Security to develop and produce the next generation of Advanced Spectroscopic Portal (ASP) nuclear detection capability. The ASP contract, with an initial value of $18.2 M, places Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) at the forefront of border security and...
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