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Processing Equipment

Processing Equipment Laser Stencil The LPKF StencilLaser features new concepts for control technology of XY-coordinates-tables and a laser source with a pulse rate up to 5000 Hz. Optimally adjusted to stencil production, the StencilLaser provides accuracy between 3 and 5 mm. The company also offers its QuickCheck and ScanCheck...
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Subsystems 300 W Power Supply The NT301 series compact, multiple output, 300 W power supply has a 3.3 V high current main output and active input power factor correction (PFC). The active PFC circuitry provides compliance with EN61000-3-2 and accommodates a wide-input voltage range of 90 to 264 V...
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Test Equipment

Test Equipment Measurement Software for RF Power Meters The 4530 series RF power meters and the model 4500A RF peak power meter/analyzer now include software that provides highly complex statistical analysis features for added capability in measuring power of next-generation wideband modulation scheme signals such as wideband CDMA, EDGE...
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Tubes Traveling-wave Tube The model TH 3875 traveling-wave tube (TWT) utilizes two technologies: the helix delay line, which ensures large instantaneous bandwidth, and a Wehnelt electrode in the electron gun, which allows modulation of the output signal. (The tubes can operate in CW or pulse mode, depending on the...
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Software EDA Simulation Software The Advanced Design System (ADS) electronic design automation (EDA) Release 1.3 software provides real-time interactive tuning of multiple parameters, analysis and synthesis of transmission lines, filter synthesis, matching network synthesis, improved noise analysis and faster large-scale circuit envelope simulations. The software operates on most UNIX...
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News from Washington

News from Washington Raytheon Signs UK ASTOR Contract Following nearly six months of detailed negotiations, Raytheon Systems Ltd., the UK subsidiary of Raytheon Co., has signed a contract valued at $1.3 B for the UK Ministry of Defence’s Airborne Stand Off Radar (ASTOR) program. ASTOR is a radar surveillance...
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The Commercial Market

The Commercial Market Virtual Classroom System to be Installed Nationwide Anheuser-Busch Companies Inc. has selected Arel Communications and Software Ltd. to install an interactive distance learning system in the existing Busch Satellite Network. Arel’s Interactive Distance Education and Learning (IDEAL) system will provide real-time, two-way interactive training programs for...
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The Book End

The Book End Digital Frequency Synthesis Demystified Bar-Giora Goldberg LLH Technology Publishing 335 pages plus CD-ROM; $49.95 ISBN: 1-878707-47-7 Frequency synthesis is no longer a novelty but ubiquitous in today’s electronic equipment. Every radio design uses synthesized signals for generation and control. The purpose of this book is to...
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A Novel Surface-mount Approach to Crossover Signals

An inexpensive surface-mount crossover alternative that provides crossover functionality with any desired combination of RF and DC crossing
A Novel Surface-mount Approach to Crossover Signals Anaren Microwave Inc. East Syracuse, NY Because some locations require RF signals to cross RF, RF to cross DC, or DC and DC to cross each other, a significant number of multilayer PCBs are produced. Different approaches exist so that the additional...
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A PA Driver for Split-band PCS Applications

A high performance power amplifier (PA) driver that provides two switched outputs to interface with the split-band filters in the trannsmit chain of PCS systems
A PA Driver for Split-band PCS Applications RF Micro Devices Inc. Greensboro, NC Due to the growing popularity of PCS systems, there has been an increasing demand for high performance RFICs for the PCS band. The transmit and receive frequencies for the PCS band are allocated at 1850 to...
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