RF & Microwave Industry News

News From Washington

News From Washington Raytheon Receives $134 M Joint Standoff Weapon Contract Raytheon Co. has received a $134 M contract from the US Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, MD, for full-rate and low rate initial production (LRIP) of the AGM-154A and AGM-154B Joint Standoff Weapons (JSOW), respectively. In addition...
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International Report

International Report Philips Launches Low Cost, High Performance Internet UARTs Netherlands contractor Philips Semiconductors has launched two new four- and eight-channel universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART) single-chip devices (models SC28L194A and SC28L198A, respectively) that offer a low cost solution to the performance demands of the latest generation of Internet-connected...
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Commercial Market

Commercial Market New Chipset Expected to Reduce Digital Cordless Telephone Prices Lucent Technologies Microelectronics Group has introduced the Everest™ series 900 MHz digital cordless telephone chipset, which enables cordless telephone manufacturers to offer products at up to half their current price without sacrificing clarity or range. According to Lucent,...
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The Book End

The Book End Fiber Optics Standard Dictionary,Third Edition Martin H. Weik Chapman & Hall 1218 pages; $99.95 ISBN: 0-412-12241-3 In many areas of communications, control, data processing, illumination and sensing, the photon is rapidly replacing the electron. This third edition of the dictionary represents an eight-fold increase in content...
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High Power Coaxial Remote Terminations with Ultra-low SWR Performance

Coaxial remote terminations that feature low SWR performance for wireless and C-band applications up to 150 and 60 W, respectively
High Power Coaxial Remote Terminations with Ultra-low SWR Performance Florida RF Labs Inc. Stuart, FL Terminations are present in RF and microwave systems to absorb unwanted signals that otherwise may cause distortion products or component instabilities or damage. Historically, high power terminations were large planar resistors that exhibited poor...
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A Fast Switching, Low Noise, Indirect Synthesizer

The FastSource frequency synthesizer, which covers the 4.5 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range with a switching speed of less than 100 µs, is featured on this month's cover
A Fast Switching, Low Noise, Indirect Synthesizer Aeroflex Comstron Plainview, NY The dilemma faced by automatic test equipment suppliers in the test of multifunction ICs for the wireless industry is that they require the spectral purity of indirect synthesizers for LO and stimulus signals. At the same time, switching...
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Single-carrier Power Amplifiers for GSM Applications

High power amplifiers that employ laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor devices and meet or exceed the stringent GSM 05.05 requirements
Single-carrier Power Amplifiers for GSM Applications AML Communications Inc. Camarillo, CA As the sophistication of GSM has evolved, the demands for ever-increasing data rates have imposed new design challenges for high power, single-channel amplifiers. In order for a power amplifier to meet the stringent requirements of the GSM 05.05...
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Radiated Emissions Measurements Using an EMI Receiver

Radiated emissions measurements and guidelines to optimize measurement performance using an electromagnetic interference (EMI) receiver
Radiated Emissions Measurements Using an EMI Receiver Andrew Ware Hewlett-Packard Co.,Santa Rosa Systems Division Santa Rosa, CA Electronic products designed for global markets must meet both national and international standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Measurements based on these standards fall into two basic categories of electromagnetic (EM) testing: radiated...
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