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Verizon Accelerating 5G Implementation

Verizon announced several new 5G milestones including the creation of a virtual lab, 5G Ultra Wideband availability in San Diego this month, the roll out of 5G uploads in all existing 5G Ultra Wideband cities and four new 5G technology partners who will help extend mmWave 5G coverage.

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ZTE and China Unicom Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement on 6G

ZTE Corporation announced that ZTE and China Unicom have signed a strategic cooperation agreement on 6G. As per the agreement, ZTE and China Unicom will give full play to their own innovative advantages in the 6G field. Based on China Unicom's network and service situation, both sides will jointly explore the prospect and technical trends of 6G.

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New ‘buffer-free’ Concept for GaN-on-SiC High Electron Mobility Transistors Reveals Competitive Efficiency

In a new joint study with the Chalmers University of Technology Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience, SweGaN explored QuanFINE® epitaxial wafer performance, based on GaN HEMT technology at Chalmers, Gothenburg, Sweden. The study revealed that the new concept using a total GaN layer thickness of 250 nm does not compromise the material quality and device performance.

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Rohde & Schwarz First to Equip Test Instruments with New 1.35 mm E-Band Coaxial Connector

Rohde & Schwarz has implemented a new 90 GHz connector, called the E connector, in two thermal power sensors, the R&S NRP90T and R&S NRP90TN. With a precise metric fine thread, a reliable pin-gap and an integrated groove for optional push-pull locking, the 1.35 mm E connector fills a gap between the well-established 1.85 mm connector (the V-Band connector) and the 1 mm connector (the W-Band connector).

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