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A 76 to 77 GHz GMIC Mixer for Automotive Radar

The diode modeling and mixer design approach along with the measured results of a 76 to77 GHz mixer developed on a 127 µm-thick glass MIC for autonomous cruise control radar applications
A 76 to 77 GHz GMIC Mixer for Automotive Radar A 76 to 77 GHz mixer that uses flipped Hewlett-Packard HSCH-9401 Schottky diodes has been developed on a 127-µm-thick glass microwave integrated circuit (GMIC) for autonomous cruise control (ACC) radar applications. The design process for diode modeling and mixer...
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Around the Circuit

Around the Circuit Industry News FP-WJ Acquisition Corp. , a new company formed by certain investment funds managed by Fox Paine & Co. LLC, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Watkins-Johnson Co. (WJ) through a recapitalization merger transaction. Under the terms of the merger agreement, outstanding shares...
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New Literature

New Literature Microwave and RF Power Transistor Catalog This short-form catalog features microwave and RF power transistors, including bipolar and MOSFET devices. Cross-reference listings are provided for Motorola, Philips and STMicroelectronics components. Advanced Semiconductor Inc. (ASI), North Hollywood, CA (800) 423-2354. Isolator and Circulator Catalog This 16-page catalog describes...
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Components Low Loss Single-supply SP2T Switch The model SWN-218-2A Options 011, GH is an SP2T solid-state switch with a single power supply that operates from 0.5 to 18 GHz (or from 10 MHz to 18 GHz). Insertion loss is < 2.5 dB (typ), SWR is 1.9 and isolation is...
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Amplifiers Packaged Broadband Millimeter-wave Amplifiers The models AB028H1-14 and AB038H1-14 high gain amplifiers are designed for 23 to 30 GHz and 36 to 41 GHz, respectively. The AB028H1-14 features 36 dB of gain, +16 dBm of output power and 3 dB of noise figure. The AB038H1-14 offers 30 dB...
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Antennas Directional Ceiling-mount Array The model S1857MD directional PCS-band antenna for ceiling-mount applications exhibits 7 dBi of gain in the 1850 to 1990 MHz frequency band. The antenna’s housing is vacuum-formed from UV stabile thermoplastic and best suited for use with microcells, picocells and RF distribution systems where directional...
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Device Twin NPN Transistors The UPA series twin transistor devices with a low profile TC package feature a footprint smaller than an SOT-363, making them suitable for size-constrained applications such as cellular phones, PCS handsets, PCMCIA cards, miniature VCOs, pagers, keyless entry transmitters and other portable wireless products. With...
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Integrated Circuits

Integrated Circuits Analog-to-digital Converter The model AD7707 sigma delta analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is a complete analog front end designed for low power, low voltage and low frequency measurement applications such as process control, battery monitors, current analyzers, and smart temperature and pressure transmitters. The three-channel, 16-bit ADC offers two...
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Processing Equipment

Processing Equipment Reel-to-magazine Integrated Line This turnkey integrated line consists of an input leadframe de-reeler, epoxy die bonder, leadframe singulator, cure oven, leadframe buffer, wire bonder and output magazine lift. (All components integrated in this line use the same hardware and software platforms.) F&K Delvotec Inc., Foothill Ranch, CA...
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