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Measurement of Modulated Scattering Parameters using Modulated Vector Network Analysis

Am introduction to the modulated vector analyzer(MVNA), a new instrument for RF and microwave measurement
Application Note Measurement of Modulated Scattering Parameters using Modulated Vector Network Analysis Don Metzger Modulation Instruments Division Credence Systems Corporation Colorado Springs, CO A new architecture for RF and microwave measurement has recently been introduced. The first instrument based on this architecture is called the modulated vector network analyzer...
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NEW PRODUCTS COMPONENTS * Surface-mount Voltage Variable Attenuator The model AV850M2-A2 18 to 40 GHz broadband millimeter-wave voltage variable attenua tor (VVA) offers 33 dB attenuation range and low insertion loss. It is designed for use in millimeter-wave communications and sensor systems as a variable attenuation stage in the...
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AROUND THE CIRCUIT INDUSTRY NEWS Frank Floyd Jr. died on October 16 after a long battle with ALS. He was 62. He was the founder and manager of the Massachusetts division of Standford Telecom after spending 25 years working at MIT-Lincoln Laboratories on the design and construction of communications...
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New Literature

NEW LITERATURE * Product Brochure This six-page brochure describes integrated assemblies, converter assemblies, log IFs, filter banks and switch filter banks. Product photographs are provided. Descriptions of the company's manufacturing and engineering processes are included, as well as a company mission statement. AKON, San Jose, CA (408) 432-8039. Circle...
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Web Update

WEB UPDATE * RF and Microwave Components This Web site offers a broad range of categories from which to browse: Employment Opportunities, Block Diagrams and Associated Productions, Parametric Search Capability, New Information, Application Notes, Product Data Sheets and View by Market. The site will be continually updated, adding technical...
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News From Washington

NEWS FROM WASHINGTON Common Ground Station Approved for Full-rate Production T he Department of Defense (DoD) has approved full-rate production that will extend the acquisition program for the Motorola US Army Common Ground Station (CGS), a battlefield intelligence and reconnaissance ground processing system. The integrated, multi-workstation CGS is assigned...
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International Report

INTERNATIONAL REPORT Martin Streetly, International Correspondent AMSAR Moves Forward E urope's three nation (France, Germany and the UK) Airborne Multi-role Solid-state Active-array Radar (AMSAR) has successfully passed its Phase 2A Critical Milestone Review (CMR), paving the way for the construction and testing of a Core Antenna Radar (CAR) demonstrator....
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Commercial Market

THE COMMERCIAL MARKET Second Satellite-to-car Broadcast Satellite Launched T he second of the three satellites of a constellation that will deliver digital-quality radio broadcasting to motorists throughout the US has been launched. The third operating satellite and a ground spare for the digital audio radio service (DARS) to be...
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THE BOOK END *           Networks and Devices Using Planar Transmission Lines Franco Di Paolo CRC Press 657 pages; $129.95, £87.00 ISBN: 0-8493-1835-1 T he object of this book is to join in one text all of the practical information and physical principles that permit a planar transmission line...
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A Versatile Multilevel Amplifier for PCS Applications

A multilevel amplifier platform with separate mechanical sections that incorporate an RF pallet, a DC distribution pallet and a microcontroller I/O pallet
PRODUCT FEATURES A Versatile Multilevel Amplifier for PCS Applications AML Communications Inc. Camarillo, CA C ommunication amplifier designers today are challenged with rapidly bringing to market a qualified product in a mature form factor, while meeting strict spectral regrowth requirements. Combine this with varying power level and gain requirements...
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