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Non-magnetic RF Coaxial Connectors

Generally speaking microwave and RF connectors tend to be viewed as simple, uncomplicated components. What is often overlooked, however, is that there are special applications requiring special connectors that have specific properties and characteristics. A prime example is Radiall’s range of non-magnetic RF coaxial connectors that have applications primarily...
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2005 Connector, Cable and Cable Assembly Survey

This is the third survey of connectors, cables and cable assemblies sponsored by Microwave Journal. We plan to update it annually with continued industry support and participation.
We are very pleased to offer this updated survey of companies providing connectors, cables and cable assemblies. Sixty-seven companies responded to our request for information this year, which is an increase from the 56 companies in last year’s survey. Many of last year’s participants have updated their information as...
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A Vector Signal Generator for Production Applications

Recognition that the key requirements of test equipment used in an automated production environment are high throughput and reproducibility has led to the development of the R&S SMATE 200A vector signal generator. Designed as an optimum solution, this instrument features short setting times for frequency and level changes plus...
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Nonlinear Diode Models for Enhanced Simulation Accuracy

A library of robust models featuring substrate scalability and temperature dependence is now available for surface-mount diodes. The Modelithics Nonlinear Diode (NLD™) Library contains a compilation of measurement validated nonlinear diode models developed from I-V, C-V, small- and large-signal S-parameter characterization data. Over-temperature testing, combined with Modelithics’ patent-pending substrate-scalability...
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