RF & Microwave Industry News

The Application of Low Noise, X-band Synthesizers to QAM Digital Radios

YIG-based synthesizers that offer superior noise performance and wider bandwidths than typical dielectric resonator oscilllators and VCOs for quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) digital radios
The Application of Low Noise, X-band Synthesizers to QAM Digital Radios Mark R. Simpson and John M. Dixon VertiCom Inc. Santa Rosa, CA For high data rate, 16-to-64-quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) designs, the vast majority of wireless point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio manufacturers currently are using fixed-frequency, mechanically adjustable dielectric...
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New Microstrip Bandpass Filter Topologies

Several new experimental microstrip bandpass filter technologies that offer steeper stop-band attenuation with a compromise is insertion loss
New Microstrip Bandpass Filter Topologies Marinus (Ron) Korber, Jr. Watkins-Johnson Co. Microwave miniature receivers require numerous microstrip filters for such functions as picket selection, preselection in the case of a receiver front end, and suppression of mixer spurious products and doubler fundamental frequency feedthrough. The sheer quantity of filters...
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Optimized Performance from Coaxial Feeder Cables and Connectors for Wireless Systems

Critcal characteristics for cables and connectors, how these characterisitics are optimized in design and manufacture, and how resulting system performance is maximized
Optimized Performance from Coaxial Feeder Cables and Connectors for Wireless Systems Hugh R. Nudd Andrew Corp. Orland Park, IL Modern multichannel wireless communication systems, such as cellular telephone systems, require high grade feeder cables for the connections between tower-mounted antennas and the radio equipment, which is typically located in...
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A Low Cost, Open-architecture-based System for Portable Satellite Telemetry and Control

Flexible, easily reconfigurable telemetry and commanding equipment that can be used and reused to accomodate the rapidly changing satellite development environment
A Low Cost, Open-architecture-based System for Portable Satellite Telemetry and Control A comprehensive examination of the market demands for cost-reduced satellite telemetry and control stations is presented. These systems are implemented using flexible, open-architecture-based, high performance real-time systems. The trend for combining telemetry monitoring of satellite data with closed-loop...
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RFIC Receiver Technology for Digital Mobile Phones

GaAs RFIC technology, which is capable of integrating transmitter and receiver technology on the same chip while maintaining good RF performance and modest cost
RFIC Receiver Technology for Digital Mobile Phones Chris O’Connor TriQuint Semiconductor Hillsboro, OR The Cellular Telephone Industry Association (CTIA) reported recently that 17 percent of the US population now uses wireless telephones. Amazingly, more than 44 million subscribers were on record as of December 31, 1996, with new subscribers...
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COMPONENTS   Switchable Filter Module The model FA4489 switchable filter module is capable of selecting one of nine channels with a TTL control signal. The device is used typically as a front-end preselector in a high dynamic range receiver. The module offers a proprietary switching matrix, low intermodulation distortion...
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Around the Circuit

AROUND THE CIRCUIT   INDUSTRY NEWS Alpha Industries Inc. , Woburn, MA, has completed the sale of its Digital Radio Transceiver Business to the newly formed company Advanced Frequency Products LLC (AFP) for an undisclosed amount. AFP, a developer and manufacturer of digital radio transceivers, transportation safety and motion-sensor...
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New Literature

NEW LITERATURE   Wireless Component Brochure This four-page brochure lists several manufacturers’ available stock of RF/microwave connectors and wireless components, including switches, mixers, power dividers, directional couplers, GaAs MESFETs, duplexers, inductors, attenuators, DC blocks and phase trimmers. East Coast Microwave Distributors Inc., Stoneham, MA (800) 786-2576. Probe Brochure This...
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News From Washington

NEWS FROM WASHINGTON   Preliminary Observations Find Army’s Digital Force Wanting As reported in Defense Daily, a team of retired military officers who observed the Army’s recent battlefield digitization experiment found that the troops equipped with computer equipment were no more lethal than conventional forces. The observations were made...
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International Report

INTERNATIONAL REPORT   New Developments on ASTOR Front Following the selection of consortia led by Lockheed Martin and Raytheon E-Systems (RES) as final bidders in the UK’s Airborne Stand-off Radar (ASTOR) competition, new details have emerged concerning the proposed radars. Lockheed Martin is proposing an entirely new radar, which...
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