RF & Microwave Industry News

Around the Circuit

Around the Circuit INDUSTRY NEWS Ansoft Corp. has successfully completed its acquisition of Boulder Microwave Technologies Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, Ansoft will exchange a combination of stock and cash valued at approximately $1.5 M for all of Boulder Microwave's outstanding shares. The transaction is intended to...
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New Literature

New Literature   Stencil Printer and Accessory Technical Bulletins These technical bulletins describe stencil printers and accessories for surface-mount technology deposition, including the company's stencil printers, in-line automated board transport systems, programmable squeegee heads and drives, and PC control systems. The m -LIGN™ manual vision alignment systems are also...
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News From Washington

News From Washington Northrop Grumman Contracts Cover Warning and Bomb Damage Systems The royal Norwegian air force (RNAF) has awarded a contract to Northrop Grumman Corp. to conduct integration and performance demonstration testing of its model AN/AAR-54(V) imaging ultraviolet passive missile-approach warning system on RNAF F-16 midlife update (MLU)...
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International Report

International Report US and Europe Consider Astronomical Link The US and Europe are considering merging their plans for next-generation, large-scale mm-wave radio telescopes. Currently, US astronomers are proposing what is being referred to as the US millimeter array (USMMA), while the Europeans are working on what they term the...
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Commercial Market

The Commercial Market Ameritech Launches Digital Cellular Service in Chicago Ameritech has launched its ClearPath digital code-division multiple access (CDMA) cellular service in Chicago with more than 13,000 of its analog system customers subscribing to the new service. Unlike digital personal communications service (PCS) carriers who offer handsets at...
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Boundless Europe: The Wireless Revolution

Europe's use of wireless systems as an alternative to wireline networks
Boundless Europe: The Wireless Revolution Bhawani Shankar European Microwave Journal Staff Competition is compelling Europe's operators to lean on wireless systems as an alternative to the more expensive wireline networks. Over the past several weeks, the total headcount of subscribers to the Global System for Mobiles (GSM) networks surpassed...
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New Tools in Frequency Planning

Methods to make more effective use of the frequency spectrum
New Tools in Frequency Planning Joachim Samuelsson ComOpt AB Helsingborg, Sweden Europe's network planners are resorting to advanced frequency planning aids to speed network deployment and increase spectral efficiency, and mobile network operators face a number of technical and management challenges in this frequency planning process. These challenges apply...
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Observations of a Dual-use Road Warrior

Am individual's look at the benefits of and reactions to using commercially developed process and manufacturing technologies on military products
Observations of a Dual-use Road Warrior Jim Fallon M/A-Com Inc., an AMP company Lowell, MA For those of us who have been involved for a long time in the RF, microwave and mm-wave world, the past 10 years have brought about some fundamental and unprecedented changes in all aspects...
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Substrate Attach Design Guidelines for Bonding Alumina to Aluminum

Guidelines for two adhesives to determine the minimum bond line thickness required for a given substrate size to withstand thermal cycling effects
Substrate Attach Design Guidelines for Bonding Alumina to Aluminum In an effort to achieve higher density microelectronic packages, various ceramic substrate packaging techniques are being introduced. For instance, one of these techniques eliminates the need for a carrier so that a substrate is bonded directly to a housing. The...
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A mm-wave, Wireless Local Area Network for Use inside an Aircraft

A 60 GHz wireless data transmission system developed for use inside an aircraft
A mm-wave, Wireless Local Area Network for Use inside an Aircraft Erwin A. Ulbrich, Jr. and Dan Bryden McDonnell Douglas Aerospace, Transport Aircraft Division Long Beach, CA Existing aircraft contain many transmitters and receivers in their avionics suites. It is a common experience now for aircraft operators to limit...
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