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Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson Top 100 Gbps Over Microwave Link

Ericsson and Deutsche Telekom have achieved a landmark data transmission rate by consistently topping 100 Gbps in a trial microwave link over 1.5km. Conducted at the Deutsche Telekom Service Center in Athens, the joint innovation project represents a major technical breakthrough, achieving more than 10 times greater throughput speeds than current commercial solutions on similar 70/80 GHz millimeter wave spectrum.

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International Microwave Power Institute Forms Solid State RF Energy Section

The International Microwave Power Institute (IMPI), the leading global scientific organization dedicated to non-communication microwave and RF energy applications, announced the formation of a Solid State RF Energy Section. This section will be comprised of IMPI members dedicated to realizing solid-state RF energy’s true potential as a clean, highly efficient and controllable heat and power source.

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Steve Daly Replaces John Croteau as MACOM President and CEO

Former Hittite CEO takes the reins

In an unexpected move, MACOM announced this morning that Stephen Daly has replaced John Croteau as president and CEO. Daly is a member of MACOM’s board and previously served as president, CEO and chairman of Hittite. MACOM did not disclose what prompted the change, saying only that Croteau resigned May 15 and will serve in an advisory role for the next two months, to assist with the leadership transition.

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Cree to Invest $1B to Expand SiC Capacity

Cree plans to invest up to $1 billion to expand its SiC and GaN capacity, by building a state-of-the-art, automated 200 mm SiC fabrication facility and materials “mega factory” at its U.S. headquarters in Durham, North Carolina. To be completed in 2024, the expansion will increase the capacity of both Wolfspeed’s materials and wafer fabrication capacity by 30x.

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