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A Band For All Reasons

The use of software-defined radios to improve military communications
Special Report A Band For All Reasons Software radios promise to radically redefine battlefield communications. This Special Report is reprinted from the January 2001 issue of our sister publication, the Journal of Electronic Defense. Although it describes military applications, much of the material is common to emerging commercial radios....
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University Engineers Team With Wireless Industry For Mutual Benefits

A look at the successful integration of higher education and the wireless industry in USF's WAMI Program
TECHNICAL FEATURE University Engineers Team With Wireless Industry For Mutual Benefits Phil Leslie College of Engineering, University of South Florida Tampa, FL S ymbiosis is the key in the marriage of higher education and industry. That's what Larry Dunleavy thinks. That's what his colleagues think. So do their many...
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MEMS for RF/Microwave Wireless Applications: The Next Wave

An introduction to the microelectromechanical systems technology and its impact on RF and microwave applications
Tutorial MEMS for RF/Microwave Wireless Applications: The Next Wave Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology is on the verge of revolutionizing RF and microwave applications. 1 The requirements of present day and future RF/microwave systems for lower weight, volume, power consumption and cost with increased functionality, frequency of operation and component...
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The Book End

THE BOOK END RF/Microwave Circuit Design for Wireless Applications Ulrich L. Rohde and David P. Newkirk John Wiley & Sons Inc. 954 pages; $125 ISBN: 0-471-29818-2 This book clarifies RF theory and provides practical applications in developing RF/microwave circuits for wireless applications. The book discusses the RF circuit blocks...
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Around the Circuit

AROUND THE CIRCUIT INDUSTRY NEWS Martin R. Stiglitz , former Technical Editor of Microwave Journal, died January 20, 2001. He was 80 years old. Don Herskovitz, Contributing Editor to our sister publication, Journal of Electronic Defense, was a close friend and colleague of Martin for many years. He remembers...
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Commercial Market

THE COMMERCIAL MARKET Reports Address Enterprise Wireless LANs and MTU Broadband Separate reports from Cahners In-Stat Group deal with the future of two segments of the wireless market. The first, "2000 Enterprise Wireless LAN Market Update," forecasts that this segment will rise to $3 B by 2002. Noting that...
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The New World of Communications Design Software

Ansoft Designer, an example of advanced modeling and wireless simulation communications design software
COVER FEATURE The New World of Communications Design Software Ansoft Corp. Pittsburgh, PA Fig. 1 Three-dimensional Electromagnetic Field Solver and Wireless Circuit Simulator characterization of a MMIC LNA in a high pin count package.  T he world of wired and wireless communications is undergoing fervent change. Ten years ago,...
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International Report

INTERNATIONAL REPORT Martin Streetly, International Correspondent Polish PIT Develops Radar Family Details of a family of radars available from Poland's Warsaw-based Prezemyslowy Instytut Telekomunikacji (PIT ­ Telecommunications Research Institute) have recently been released. Equipments detailed include the ARS-400 maritime surveillance radar, the Avia family of primary air traffic control...
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New Literature

NEW LITERATURE Microwave Integrated Components Catalog This 22-page catalog features I&Q vector modulators, custom sub-assemblies, BP and QPSK modulators, phase shifters, attenuators and switches. Product schematics, features and specifications are included, as well as ordering information, terms and conditions. G.T. Microwave Inc., Randolph, NJ (973) 361-5700. Circle No. 200...
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New Products

NEW PRODUCTS COMPONENTS * GaAs IC Switch The model AS196-307 GaAs IC high isolation, non-reflective switch with driver operates over the DC to 6 GHz band, and is ideal for GSM, DCS, and PCS basestation synthesizer switching with 55 to 60 dB isolation from 0.5 to 2.5 Hz. It...
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