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Power Efficient MMIC Frequency Triplers

Presentation of an approach to optimize the power efficiency of an MMIC frequency tripler
TECHNICAL FEATURE Power Efficient MMIC Frequency Triplers The design of an efficient frequency tripler for an S-/X-band communications receiver is described. An approach for optimizing the tripler for best power efficiency is presented. The tripler topology consists of the harmonic generator circuit, a bandpass filter and an amplifier. A...
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SiGe Power Amplifier ICs with SWR Protection for Handset Applications

Detailed description of how SiGe technology is used to develop power amplifier ICs for wireless handset applications
TECHNICAL FEATURE SiGe Power Amplifier ICs with SWR Protection for Handset Applications Joe Pusl and Srikanth Sridharan IBM San Diego RFIC Design Center Encinitas, CA Philip Antognetti, David Helms, Anurag Nigam, James Griffiths, Kenneth Louie and Mark Doherty IBM Boston RFIC Design Center Lowell, MA In recent years there...
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A Long Range View of Short Range Wireless Systems

In-depth review of current European activity, worldwide expansion and globally competing technologies within the field of short range wireless systems
EUROPEAN SUPPLEMENT A Long Range View of Short Range Wireless Systems Richard Mumford Microwave Journal European Editor The development of short range wireless systems, particularly Bluetooth and wireless local area networks (WLAN) has captured the industry's imagination, if not the market that was initially predicted. Bluetooth technology originated in...
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THE BOOK END * Modulation and Coding for Wireless Communications Alistair Burr Prentice Hall/Pearson Education 352 pages; $79 ISBN: 0-201-39857-5 Wireless communications have become one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. This book is concerned with the principles of modulation and coding as they apply to...
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AROUND THE CIRCUIT INDUSTRY NEWS * Endwave Corp. acquired M/A-COM's Broadband Wireless Business Unit (BBU), initiating a strategic relationship with Tyco Electronics and making Endwave the most complete RF subsystem supplier for millimeter-wave radio OEMs. * Aeroflex Inc. has acquired TriLink Communications Corp. for approximately 1.2 million shares of...
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Commercial Market

THE COMMERCIAL MARKET New All-silicon Chips for Wireless Base Stations Newsedge reports that Lucent Technologies has announced the development of an all-silicon chipset for wireless base stations. The announcement was made at the recent Solid State Circuits Conference in San Francisco. These new chips will be used in base...
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Low Cost Directional Couplers

A new series of low cost, high quality directional couplers is featured
ON THE COVER Low Cost Directional Couplers Mini-Circuits Brooklyn, NY Ever expanding applications of RF and microwaves for wireless and cable applications have revived the development efforts of components at these frequencies. There is a continuing demand to reduce size and cost, and to improve performance and quality at...
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INTERNATIONAL REPORT R & S Claims New Standards in High End Spectrum Analyzers German contractor Rohde & Schwarz (R & S) is claiming that its newly launched FSU3 and FSU8 spectrum analysers set 'new standards' in dynamic range, measurement accuracy and speed within high end equipments of their type....
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New Literature

NEW LITERATURE * Bluetooth™ CD-ROM This Bluetooth Solutions CD-ROM provides valuable technology literature, application notes and product information to engineers developing and manufacturing ICs, modules and host devices incorporating the Bluetooth technology. Agilent Technologies, Berkshire, UK +44 (0) 1189 276 824. Circle No. 200 * New Products and Technologies...
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NEW PRODUCTS COMPONENTS * 100 W AIN Termination The model 100-NST-FN utilizes aluminum nitride as alternative to BeO substrates in an ef fort to remain more environmentally friendly. The unit has a frequency range of DC to 3 GHz and SWR at DC to 1 GHz is 1.1 (max),...
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