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Intermodulation Characteristics of Ferrite-based Directional Couplers

Minimizing the efects of intermodulation and cross-modulation in ferrite-based passive components through proper selection of ferrite core materials with regard to permeability and size
Technical Feature Intermodulation Characteristics of Ferrite-based Directional Couplers Shane Collins and Kieran Flynn Please click here to view the pdf file of the Technical Feature...
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A Low Cost, High Performance Point-to-point Slotted Waveguide Array

Design and measurement of a resonant slotted waveguide array for a point-to-point application at 23 GHz
A Low Cost, High Performance Point-to-point Slotted Waveguide Array A slotted waveguide array intended for point-to-point radio link applications has been designed for the 23 GHz frequency band with a total bandwidth of more than 10 percent. (Resonant slot antennas typically have a lower percentage bandwidth.) The antenna shows...
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A Primer on Bonding Wire Parameters

Lead bonding wire fundamentals
A Primer on Bonding Wire Parameters A fine wire manufacturer offers some fundamentals for those involved with lead bonding wire. Mike Greenelsh California Fine Wire Grover Beach, CA Ongoing demands for higher IC utilization with minimal board real estate are producing high densities of connections between chips and packages....
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Components 100 dB Isolation SP4T Switch The model SWN-1170-4DT-AKG-STANDARD option 120 ultrabroadband SP4T switch is capable of 100 dB isolation over the 100 MHz to 20 GHz frequency band. Insertion loss is < 4.5 dB, SWR is 1.9 and supply voltages are +5 V at 176 mA and -12...
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Subsystems Digital Radio Subsystem The model PMC/SB3410 advanced digital radio front-end module has been combined with the model VME/C6420 signal processing platform to produce a digital radio subsystem that is ideal for developing the most advanced signal intelligence systems. The PCM/SB3410 is a full duplex, wideband digital transceiver module....
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System Ka-band Point-to-point Relay System The RLY series Ka-band point-to-point relay system for local multipoint distribution system (LMDS) service providers can be used to link satellite cell hubs to the main headend cell and to set up discrete, private links within a cell for high speed data service at...
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Test Equipment

Test Equipment Dual-channel RF Power Meter The 4730 series RF power meters include the first CW power meters with dual-channel capability in a VXI configuration and offer two of the fastest power meters in the world with the ability to sample up to 200 readings per second. The power...
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Amplifiers CDMA Repeaters The SelectAmp™ CDMA models 1900-1, 1900-1H and 1900-1HD channel-selective, bidirectional amplifiers provide signal level enhancement in the 1900 MHz PCS frequency range. These amplifiers are typically used by wireless service providers and original equipment manufacturers to enhance coverage throughout buildings, distribute signals to null areas and...
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