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Ultra-wideband Radio - The New Part 15

Summary of the possible interactions between ultra-wideband and other wireless communications systems based on newly adopted rules by the Federal Communications Commission
Ultra-wideband (UWB) radio technology enables several important applications, including ground penetrating radar, imaging, location tracking and low cost, short-range communications. With the recent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval of rules for operation of UWB devices under Part 15, devices aimed at these, and possibly other, applications will soon be...
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Hybrid Synthesizer Tutorial

Use of a variety of synthesis blocks to create frequency synthesis systems with enhanced performance characteristics
Frequency synthesizers are used in a variety of communications and timing systems. Phase-locked loops (PLL) have been the "workhorse" of the majority of traditional synthesizers and clock generation circuits. However, there are other types of synthesis blocks available such as direct digital synthesizers (DDS), mixers, frequency doublers and dividers...
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Rockwell Collins Demonstrates Low Level Military Approaches Using Synthetic Vision

Rockwell Collins is the first to demonstrate low level military approaches using synthetic vision technology. Rockwell Collins' synthetic vision technology offers enhanced situational awareness, real-time guidance, predictive alerting and improved flight planning. The successful flight tests are the culmination of a two-year cooperative research agreement with the Air Force...
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Galileo Moves Forward

The European Galileo satellite navigation system moved a step nearer to reality with a January 2003 industry day designed to cover applications to join and invest in the Galileo joint undertaking that will develop and manage the capability. Designed to provide Europe with an independent but complimentary capability to...
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BAE Systems Reveals Fast Jet CWS

International contractor BAE Systems has revealed that it is proceeding to full-scale development of a collision warning system (CWS) for use on military fast jet aircraft. Designed to reduce the incidence of near misses and mid-air accidents, the new system is described as making use of secondary surveillance radar...
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BAE Systems Completes Ptarmigan Out-of-area Upgrade

BAE Systems UK-based command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) business unit has announced delivery of the 30th and final Mobile Access to the Ptarmigan Packet Switching (MAPPS) hardware/software package to the UK's Ministry of Defence. Designed to enhance the data handling capacity of the existing Ptarmigan...
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