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AWG-Card by Spectrum Used to Move Around Single Atoms

The Physics Department at the University of San Diego is building a model of atoms moving in an optical lattice, attempting to cool the atoms to near absolute zero and then move them into a triangular lattice formation using pulses of laser light. To achieve this, a Spectrum Instrumentation M4i.6622-x8 Arbitrary Waveform Generator was used.

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O-RAN Ready to Rocket to be Worth US$47 billion by 2026

According to ABI Research’s O-RAN market data report, the total capex spent on O-RAN radio units for public outdoor networks, including macro and small cells, is expected to reach US$40.7 billion in 2026, while the total revenue of O-RAN radios for indoor enterprise networks will reach as much as US$6.7 billion in 2026.

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Promoting U.S. Leadership on the Path to 6G

By working now to align government and industry on a set of core principles and actions, the U.S. will be at the forefront of 6G development and deployment. With a history of bringing together ICT companies to solve the industry’s biggest challenges, the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) is committed to working with its industry members to address this critical undertaking with government.

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