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Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications Jia-Sheng Hong and M.J. Lancaster John Wiley & Sons Inc. 471 pages; $125 ISBN: 0-471-38877-7 This book offers a unique and comprehensive treatment of RF and microwave filters based on microstrip structures. Many novel and sophisticated filters using computer-aided design are discussed. The book...
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A Graded-gap Gunn Diode Voltage Controlled Oscillator for Adaptive Cruise Control

Introduction to a surface-mount, substrate-based Gunn diode voltage controlled oscillator for use in a 77 GHz frequency-modulated continuous wave radar sensor
Microwave sensors are increasingly finding commercial applications, particularly in the automotive industry. Here, advanced features are used to distinguish vehicles, while safety is a major consideration in new car purchases. Therefore, it is not surprising that radar technology has been adopted and implemented in adaptive cruise control (ACC) systems....
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Internally Terminated 12-throw Electromechanical Switches for Matrix Applications

Presentation of a single-pole 12-throw internally terminated electromechanical switch that forms the basis for a line of N x 12 switch matrix assemblies
Electromechanical distribution systems (switch matrices) are used in both commercial applications and military systems. Computer control of these switch matrices facilitates their use in automated testing and in those systems requiring remote control of switching functions. The newest product in Dow-Key's line of electromechanical switches is a single-pole 12-throw...
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Diclad Liquid Crystalline Polymer Circuit Material for Multilayer PCBs

A new liquid crystalline polymer circuit material for multilayer PCBs is featured on this month's cover
In today's age of high speed Internet, high frequency wireless and wireline communications, conventional materials are reaching their performance limits. Copper-based electrical connections are being limited by the dielectric properties of the insulating layer. Solutions using optical connections are available but are too expensive. Liquid crystalline polymers (LCP) are...
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A Compact W-CDMA RF Front End

Introduction to a complete RF front end assembly that meets environmental requirements for base station service
As the environments in which cell sites are located becomes more constricted, designers of base stations for third-generation networks are faced with challenges such as increased functional integration and other size-reduction techniques similar to those of their mobile phone counterparts. The model FEU-WCDMA1 is a W-CDMA RF front end...
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QFHA Antennas for Satellite Radio and Mobile Phone Applications

Presentation of a specific quadrifilar helical antenna design for satellite radios, along with a planar design for an integrated BFN90 beam forming network
Quadrifilar helical antennas (QFHA) are one of the best candidates to provide a high gain, shaped beam with excellent circular polarization axial ratio for satellite radio and mobile satellite phone systems. One of the most compelling reasons to use these antennas for digital radio and mobile satellite systems is...
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The Development of Wide Angle Base Station Antennas from Arrays

Use of flat panel array base station antennas to produce wide angle beamwidths up to 120°
Phased array antennas are traditionally used to produce narrow beams from large apertures. In this mode of operation, every radiating element in the array is broadly co-phased. The radiation pattern of the antenna is then the product of both the individual radiating element characteristic pattern and the array factor....
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Optical ICs to Reach $1.8 B by 2006

Optical networking and its supporting equipment, components and integrated circuits (ICs) are heading toward a market windfall, according to In-Stat/MDR. The high tech market research firm reports that with the geometric growth of the Internet, private IP networks and business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce, the demand for high speed capacity, within...
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