RF & Microwave Industry News

New Literature

New Literature Chip Attenuator Catalog This catalog provides information on chip attenuator application, as well as the company's capabilities, including photolithography, etching, dicing/sawing, plating, assembly, and consulting and design. Specifications are listed. Performance graphs are provided. DAV Technology, Tyngsborough, MA (508) 649-4231. Structural Adhesive Selector Guide This selector guide...
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News from Washington

News from Washington Sanders Receives Navy Multifunction Antenna Contract Sanders, a Lockheed Martin company, has received an $8.9 M contract from the US Navy for the advanced technology demonstration concept phase of the multifunction electromagnetic radiating system program. Terms of the contract call for Sanders to design, develop and...
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International Report

International Report Philips to Expand Wafer Fabrication and Launches CD-ROM Processor Netherlands contractor Philips Semiconductors is investing an additional $15 M in discrete wafer fabrication at its Nijmegen, Holland plant in order to meet the anticipated demand for fifth-generation wideband RF transistors. Billed as Europe's largest semiconductor plant, the...
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Commercial Market

The Commercial Market Motorola Awards Cover GSM Network Expansions in China and UAE Motorola's Asia Pacific Cellular Infrastructure Group has signed a $15 M contract with the Beijing Telecommunications Administration (BTA) for the expansion of the Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) network in Beijing, China. This fourth phase...
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The Book End

The Book End Green's Function, Finite Elements and Microwave Planar Circuits J. Helszajn John Wiley & Sons Ltd. 259 pages; $65 Applying Green's function to planar microwave circuits is well accepted as a fundamental tool in electromagnetic analysis. This book presents comprehensive and detailed methods for describing practical microwave...
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A Portable Rubidium Reference Timebase Generator

A rubidium reference timebase generator featuring a lightweight, portable configuration for use in the field at a reasonable cost
A Portable Rubidium Reference Timebase Generator United Computer and Telecommunication Inc. (UCT) Irvine, CA With today's sophisticated communications systems comes the need for better frequency accuracy, control and correlation. Rubidium-based frequency and time standards have been the ultimate accurate signal source for laboratory use, but these instruments have not...
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A Wideband Synthesized Test Translator

A test translator developed to simulate transmission paths for direct-broadcast satellite systems and as a test source in other wireless applications
A Wideband Synthesized Test Translator A new wideband synthesized test translator has been developed to simulate the transmission paths for direct-broadcast satellite (DBS) systems and to automate testing of set-top boxes used in broadband wireless applications. The model UC-140/1485-003 test translator provides a convenient way to characterize DBS systems...
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Plastic Surface-mount Doublers that Cover Up to 6 GHz

Frequency doublers offering surface-mount capability in IC packages
Plastic Surface-mount Doublers That Cover Up to 6 GHz Hittite Microwave Corp. Woburn, MA Wireless communications applications continue to evolve at a furious pace. New applications are emerging endlessly such as wireless local loops and multipoint multichannel distribution systems. Wireless local area networks are increasing in frequency from 900...
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A Variable Data Rate VSAT Broadband Receiver

A board-level demodulator receiver for single-channel-per-carrier signals
A Variable Data Rate VSAT Broadband Receiver Stanford Telecom, Telecom Component Products Group Sunnyvale, CA Very small aperture terminal (VSAT) system suppliers are constantly seeking ways to keep their systems flexible and up-to-date with current and future data rate requirements. In addition, there is constant pressure to reduce system...
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Microwave Applications Using Photo-imageable Technology

Using FODEL photo-imageable technology in microwave applications that require resolution better than 50 µm for operation above C-band
Microwave Applications Using Photo-imageable Technology The need to reduce manufacturing costs requires technologies that allow the integration of a microwave circuit and its associated driver on the same substrate. FODEL® photo-imageable technology, an extension of a traditional thick-film process providing a higher line resolution, has been considered in the...
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