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INTERNATIONAL REPORT Alcatel to Build ESA Herschel and Planck Research Satellites The European Space Agency has selected Alcatel Space to build, test and launch its Herschel and Planck science satellites in a $332 M deal that is being billed as Europe's largest ever space science award. With Astrium and...
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New Literature

NEW LITERATURE * Company Brochure This four-page brochure provides an overview of the company's services and capabilities, including PCB assembly, thru hole, SMT, mixed technology, wire harnesses, cable assemblies, box build, electro mechanical assembly, consignment and turnkey, and prototype to volume production. Product and facilities photographs are included. ASAP...
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New Products

NEW PRODUCTS COMPONENTS * 60 GHz Waveguide Diplexers The 70015 Series of diplexers is designed for the 59 to 64 GHz frequency range. Using WR15 waveguide, these diplexers are designed to work with full specifications over the ­35° to +75°C range. One model has channel filters of 1350 MHz...
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NEWS FROM WASHINGTON FCC Requirements Impact Carriers and Handset Manufacturers The Cahners In-Stat Group ( ) reports that the FCC is driving the deployment of mobile location technologies in the United States. Their requirements will have a major impact on the cellular industry as a whole. Recently, emergency...
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WORKSHOPS & COURSES MEMS for Communications ­ From Concept to Product * Topics: MEMS technology and applications in communications, with specific information on CoventorWare™ software products and intellectual property for rapid development and integration of MEMS into products. * Site: Fremont, CA * Date: August 1, 2001 * Contact:...
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Low Phase Noise Voltage Tunable Oscillators

Introduction to a new line of fast tuning, low phase noise voltage tunable oscillators
PRODUCT FEATURE Low Phase Noise Voltage Tunable Oscillators Paratek Columbia, MD Driven by the VCO market's insatiable need for lower phase noise and wider tuning ranges, a new line of voltage tunable oscillators (VTO) has been introduced with superior performance in these areas. The new VTOs operate at fundamental...
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Miniature, High Performance GPS RF SAW Filters

Introduction to a new GPS Rx surface acoustics wave filter designed to address key performance specifications
PRODUCT FEATURE Miniature, High Performance GPS RF SAW Filters Location-based products using Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) signals are poised to revolutionize wireless service. Implementation of federally mandated mobile subscriber location requirements is fueling the rush to market. Meanwhile, manufacturers plan to capitalize on the presence of GPS-enabled mobiles by...
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High Speed Analysis and Optimization of Waveguide Bandpass Filter Structures Using Simple Neural Architectures

Presentation of a simple and accurate neural architecture to facilitate the design of waveguide bandpass filter stuctures
TECHNICAL FEATURE High Speed Analysis and Optimization of Waveguide Bandpass Filter Structures Using Simple Neural Architectures At microwave frequencies, from about 7 to 60 GHz, inductive irises are very often used as coupling networks between half-wavelength cavities in rectangular waveguides to develop very selective low loss bandpass filters. This...
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Power Efficient MMIC Frequency Triplers

Presentation of an approach to optimize the power efficiency of an MMIC frequency tripler
TECHNICAL FEATURE Power Efficient MMIC Frequency Triplers The design of an efficient frequency tripler for an S-/X-band communications receiver is described. An approach for optimizing the tripler for best power efficiency is presented. The tripler topology consists of the harmonic generator circuit, a bandpass filter and an amplifier. A...
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SiGe Power Amplifier ICs with SWR Protection for Handset Applications

Detailed description of how SiGe technology is used to develop power amplifier ICs for wireless handset applications
TECHNICAL FEATURE SiGe Power Amplifier ICs with SWR Protection for Handset Applications Joe Pusl and Srikanth Sridharan IBM San Diego RFIC Design Center Encinitas, CA Philip Antognetti, David Helms, Anurag Nigam, James Griffiths, Kenneth Louie and Mark Doherty IBM Boston RFIC Design Center Lowell, MA In recent years there...
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